The Home “Stretch” …












This weekend’s weekly pregnancy update email let me know that, as of today, I’m entering … THE THIRD TRIMESTER! *dum dum duuuuuuuum* 

It’s pretty scary knowing that I’m in the “home stretch” of the pregnancy, but at the same time I feel strangely calm … I guess it’s too late to start panicking now 🙂 Also, I met with two girlfriends and “new” moms this weekend and feel almost reassured about everything! HOORAY!

First up was Callie*, the gorgeous first-time mom of an even more gorgeous 15 month old little girl named Bella*. Callie handed me “The List” last week – a detailed selection of must-have items for every new mom – which she received from another mom before she had Bella. Callie had asked me not to freak out about some of the items she had added to The List, saying that as OTT as they sounded, they are worthwhile items to have. Now, not only do I think that not one of the items are OTT, but I am proud to say that I already have a couple of them!!! And here I was, thinking that I was totally and completely unprepared! YAY for me!!! Anyway, along with scrutinizing “The List” and chatting about my now rapidly-expanding belly, Callie filled me in on what to expect on the day of Luca’s arrival and the first couple of nights after he’s born when we’re still at the hospital.

Best piece of advice from Callie: don’t leave the hospital any earlier than necessary. In fact, stay for as long as possible. Although the nurses might seem like Hitler(esses) with the bathing and nursing bootcamp regimes and the fact that my own bed might be 100 times more comfortable than the ironing board of an excuse for a hospital cot, it’s better than getting home for the first time with this helpless, teeny-tiny little person and having NO idea what to do with him. So, first thing tomorrow I am going to call the hospital to find out what the options are for a private room … just in case I decide to make myself comfortable for a while 😉

Next up was Jenna*, inspirational mom of the cutest little 3 year old girl, Talia* (who spent my visit tying my short hair into pigtails and watering the dead rose bush in Jenna’s garden) and “new” mom to a little 1 week old baby boy, Kameron*. I think that this is the youngest baby I have ever been around and I was just amazed at how TINY he was! Thank goodness I went to visit so soon after his birth … had I not known that was how small they were, I would have been convinced that there was something wrong with Luca. Minute fingers and toes … fairy eyelashes and babydoll like lips … such a miracle to see! And to think that he had lived inside Jenna for 9 whole months! Truly, truly amazing! Anyway, what reassured me the most after seeing Jenna and her husband one week after Kameron was born, was that they both seemed relatively alive and sane! It’s just that I’ve heard one horror story after the next about how manic the first couple of weeks are with a newborn and I think I was just expecting to arrive at their home to find at least one of them (newborn baby not included) in tears, piles of nappies and general madness. But there was nothing of the sort! Kameron slept the entire time I was there, Talia was cute as a button and so well behaved and Jenna and her husband offered me a cold drink and a hot dog and we held an uninterrupted conversation for almost 2 hours! I think that this is the exception though, and I am still expecting the worst so that I won’t be disappointed when I have 4 straight days without sleep and forget where I leave my glasses (on top of my head) every 5 minutes … and worse!

So … it was a good weekend all in all … not feeling panicked about the last 11 weeks and what lies ahead of the end of May 2009, although I seriously need to get cracking on the rest of the items on “The List”. On a good note, Dave and I got stuck into painting Luca’s room … well, 90% of the undercoat is done now, which is better than nothing. We’re that much closer to Luca’s farmyard nursery being done 🙂

That’s it for now … time to spend another glorious half an hour in the bath, feeling my little man wriggle around in my belly xxx

*The names in today’s blog have been changed to protect … nothing … I just did it for fun! And also just to browse through more names on 🙂

PS: Don’t go waste money on “The Watchmen” … what a crock of crap. Sorry comic book fans, but this was just rubbish!


2 thoughts on “The Home “Stretch” …

  1. hey dudette!!! had a sneak peek at your blog 🙂 sooo cool! i was going through pretty much the same thing to be honest.. even the weird dreams in which i would open up my stomach and see him looking at me and smiling. sometimes he would laugh. i had no idea whether i should take those dreams as ‘disturbing’ or just normal 🙂

    as for the first weeks of ethan being with us, i can definitely say that it was amazing, as it still is! the hardest thing is getting up every 2 hours for the feeds, but other than that i didn’t even want to sleep because i couldn’t get enough of looking at him! and i’m still the same. i didn’t bond with him straight away, in fact it was more of a protective stance that i took because he was so teeny!

    now its like we understand each other.. sort of like having our own language.. all we need to do is look at each other and its like we understand one another even though he still can’t talk. its only been two months and i dont really see what all the fuss is about when it comes to taking care of your child! its easy because he is a part of you.

    take it easy and don’t stress about what other people are bombarding you with… the worst is straight after they’re born, when those f**king midwives bombard you with all sorts of advice on breast feeding and holding your baby, dressing him, washing him, feeding him, and any other rubbish they can throw your way.. both ryan and i panicked and we started treading on egg shells around ethan. screw what every one else tells you, listen to yourself. you will be a great mum!!

    i have sorted out all the clothes, so will put them in the post this week hopefully 🙂 there’s a LOT of stuff. enjoy the rest of your week Big Momma 😛 XX

    • That’s what I really can’t wait for … just to be able to see him … in real life! I’ll probably stare at him like a madwoman too … 🙂

      You are SUCH an angel … can’t wait to see all the little clothies!!!


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