The best word to decribe maternity clothes … 

There is not much option in terms of daily attire for those of us with buns in our ovens. Lucky for me (at least for the moment) I am still able to fit (albiet snuggly) into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes … except for my jeans, in which case I have had to turn to the ever-so-flattering stretchy waist band jeans. That’s hot. The only way to feel remotely normal wearing them is to ensure that your top half is covered by a garmet that completely disguises the ridiculously high waistband of the jeans … which I find sitting just below the … erm … chest area 🙂 Again, that’s hot.

I popped into Woolies last night after work, desperation setting after wearing the same outfits day after day, week after week, to see if I could find anything half decent. Well, that was most definitely not going to happen. Just three rails of clothing, each item more hideous than the next. Army green, butt-size-expanding cargo pants, also in white … WHITE?! Keeping clean before I was pregnant was a mission! A row of blue tents … erm, I mean, tops with HORIZONTAL purple stripes. HORIZONTAL? We are expanding  by the minute and they give us HORIZONTAL stripes? Billowing tunics covered in gaudy flowers and white (again I ask, white?) shirts with bubbled front sections and bows and ribbons in the most inappropriate places … mneugh. Thanks for nothing Woolies.

Then you get Marion & Lindie: the most beautiful clothes None of which I have actually tried on as yet for the fear of damaging a garment and then actually having to pay for it! A pair of linen pants … R600! And I would only have been able to buy them now, as until 2 weeks ago my belly was still small enough to fit into regular pants, so I would only have been able to wear these ridiculously expensive trousers for 2 months, maximum. Silk blouses (silk, again a BIG no-no when pregnant due to the built-in toaster (a.k.a Luca) that makes me sweat at inopportune times and “blouse” … a word synonamous with middle-aged women who sip G&T’s too early in the afternoon), frilly floral dresses, and cut off pants (not good for a shorty) all for more or less the same price as the top of the range AngelCare Baby Monitor … no thanks!  

So, with no grey area in terms of price or quality I find myself thanking my lucky stars that Luca is still a little guy and that my belly, although MUCH larger than it was (staring longingly at my wedding pictures when I so gorgeously thin and toned and tanned … *sigh*), it is still compact enough to look cute in my pre-pregnancy tops and dresses. God alone only knows what I am going to do if/when it gets cold … wear the tops over the dresses? Haha! Layering baby!

So, I must apologise in advance and also let you know that I have a VERY efficient helper at home so all of my clothes are washed after every wear … but I am just going to have to keep wearing the same stuff over and over and over and over and over and over and over … n897935477_5906743_8709


6 thoughts on “FUGLY!

  1. Well, I don’t see you every day but you always look very pretty in all the pics I see!

    Oh, and if I can bring you any non-fugly clothage from here, let me know…. xx

    • Thanks Em 🙂 Not to panic … this pregnancy is swiftly drawing to a close and it would be a waste to spend money on clothes I could only really wear for 2 months! See you soon!!! xxx

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