The First of Many Embarrasing Moments …

So, last Friday we had our first Agency update and our new head-honcho was doing a bit of a ra-ra speech, as new head-honcho’s do. Being the new-age pregnant woman that I am, I turned down a few offers of a chair/stool/lap to sit on and, instead, made my way to more or less the front of the room to lean against the bar counter for what I estimated to be a 10 to 15 minute update.

Well, 20 minutes in and the novelty of standing was rapidly wearing off … I had shuffled from foot to foot, used my palms as back support, even leant on the poor soul next to me for a few minutes … and head-honcho was nowhere close to finishing the pep talk 😦 The guy next to me was obviously also not feeling to comfortable in the upright position, so he  pulled himself onto the bar counter and, hey presto, he had a comfy little seat!

Now, not once in the next couple of seconds did I contemplate possible improbability of my ability to hoist myself onto the bar counter, despite the fact that:

(a) my arms haven’t seen the inside of the ladies weights section of the gym in almost 4 months;

(b)I have been banned from lifting anything heavier than my handbag; and

(c) the beach ball bump on my front carries the bulk of the weight (not a lot either, in the greater scheme of things) that I have gained in the past 7 months.

Nope, I didn’t give that the slightest consideration. 

Instead, I placed my palms behind me on the bar counter and put in what can only be called the most embarrassingly ridiculous effort at hoisting myself up onto the bar. At first, no one seemed to notice … so I gave it a second try, at which time the guy who had managed (without panting as much as I was by then) to get himself onto the bar counter tried, unsuccessfully, to grab me by my weak little arm to help me up. Which also didn’t work. Thank goodness I had now managed to cause just enough of a scene for a fellow new-parent-to-be to notice and offer me his bar stool, which I now took without complaint 😀  

Note to self: HELLO??? YOU’RE PREGNANT!


One thought on “The First of Many Embarrasing Moments …

  1. LOL! Oh gosh, Nix, you are too funny! Please do NOT go hoisting yourself up on bars anymore. Promise me!
    Stick to writing – you do a FAR better job of that poopie!

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