7 Weeks To Go …

Okay so I haven’t blogged in a while … I thought I didn’t really have anything newsworthy/blogworthy of late. However, I guess the mere fact that I have 7 weeks to go before Luca makes his first appearance and I go from being just another 26 year old to a MOTHER is most definitely something worth blogging about!!!

Yesterday afternoon I unpacked the top shelf of my cupboard, where for the last 7 months I’ve been shoving stuff that I’ve bought or received as gifts for Luca. I’m not entirely sure why I did it (Dave’s exact words were “What are you hoping to achieve by doing this?”) but I’m really glad I did! From clothes to bibs to stuffed toys and more, Luca is 7 weeks away from the big bad world and already has a clothing collection to put any fashionista to shame!

Baby Gap (gifts from our friends and also new parents Sam and Mira [and baby girl Aliyah] in Sweden) plus some that Dave and I spent a ridiculous amount on at Stuttafords, a blue sad-eyed tortoise who Dave and I just couldn’t resist buying, probably because of his resemblance to the pugs :), an I Heart NY babygrow and fleecy warm teddy sleepsuits from Aunty Emma in London, “Monster Squad” stuff from Aunty Brigitte in New Zealand and much, MUCH more! Plus, on Friday I bought his camp cot, which will be where he will sleep until he is ready to move out of our room and into his own little farmyard nursery … furniture for his room arrives mid-April sometime … can’t WAIT! And we have the pram, a bath on a stand, a walker, a Bumbo seat (for when he starts to sit on his own) … so it looks like we are ready for his arrival! Wow … can’t believe how time has flown!


All of Luca's stuff!

All of Luca's stuff!


I have the baby shower coming up on the 18th of April and I am SO happy that my two oldest and best friends, Stacey and Ilona, are here during that time so they will both be able to be there! More to look forward to! Oh, plus the 3 hour antenatal class on the 24th … *gulp* So, added to the fact that April is littered with public holidays, creating glorious long weekends, and that normally when one has something to look forward to time generally FLIES by … Luca is going to be here before we know it! OMG! Okay … deep breath in … don’t panic! 

I’ll leave it at that … we’re off to the Vaal today with family so need to get moving. I’m on pregnancy time when it comes to bathing as that’s when Luca seems to kick and move the most … meaning a “quick” bath ends up being a half hour soak 🙂


2 days shy of 31 weeks ...

2 days shy of 31 weeks ...


One thought on “7 Weeks To Go …

  1. Oooh its all getting really exciting now!

    You can add a spongebob top, a Momma ain’t raising no fool baby grow (which is the dinkiest little thing i have EVER seen) and a super boxed collection of Dr Seuss books from crazy Uncle Lance!

    Can’t wait to meet the little man!


    x x x

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