I’m for Dogs

In something completely un-Luca-related (although I would like my little boy to know how passionate I am about animals, so not TOTALLY unrelated then), Dave and I just left Sandton City after watching “17 Again”. Dave met me at Sandton and had parked in a different section to me, so we walked back to our own cars to meet back at home. As I was paying for my parking I heard barking coming from somewhere in the parking garage. I kept looking over as I collected my change, and saw the bouncy little body of a white poodle in the back of a car. At first I thought that maybe there were people in the car and that they were playing with the dog, but being the kind of person that I am (animal-obsessed) I walked up to the car just to make sure. 

There was NO ONE in the car. Just a frightened looking, small white poodle, barking his/her lungs out, with huge anxious eyes. I immediately tried all of the doors and the boot to see if they were open, all the while the little pooch followed me from inside the car. Nothing, all locked. LOCKED! This little dog was locked inside the car, for who knows how long. I ran (waddled at a faster pace than normal) inside to call on security to see if there was a way in which we could use a public announcement system to call on the owner of the car to come out and let the poor dog out. Of course the attitude of the security guard was completely pathetic and non-interested. Obviously. I headed back out to the car to give the owner of the GREEN JEEP CHEROKEE, REGISTRATION MJK 738 GP  a piece of my mind in the form of a bitchy note left across the entire front windscreen in electric pink, oil based lipstick, but luckily for him (someone saw a man and a small child get into the car and leave) he had already left. What makes me even more sick is that this man let his child think that leaving a dog in a locked car in a busy shopping mall parking lot is ok?!?!?! Great. So the little shit will grow up with no respect for animals, just like his hideous father. 

ANYWAY … I drove home now in tears, remembering all the strays I have picked up over the years, the dogs I have helped back into their yards after the owners had closed their gates without checking that their “beloved pet” was inside or not and I came to realize something. I always thought to myself, as I stopped to open my car door to a collared mutt who had been locked out of his home and as wondering the streets, I would think, “Why me? Why is do I always see these poor animals and stop? Why doesn’t anyone else help them?” I realized that it happens to me because I care. I worry about them. There are SO many people who can see a dog on the side of the road and simply drive on. I can’t. And that’s why I see them. So I can help them. It’s the way the world works and I know that now. 

So yes. I’m for dogs. And I can only hope that Luca will be the same as his mum … the world needs more people who love dogs. 



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