34 Weeks 5 Days …

What’s news?

Hmm … well, Dave and I went off to our antenatal class on Friday which did only really one thing … convince me that natural birth is NOT the route for me. Now, I am not saying that there is anything wrong with it or that another woman would find the experience to be magical and amazing and something she felt she had to do. But it’s just NOT for me. And of that I am now, more than ever, completely certain of. 

OH! I had my baby shower two weeks ago and it was amazing! Of course the gifts and tasty breakfast treats were fantastic, but I have to say that having twenty-odd of my closest friends was the best part of the morning. From my very first (and best) friend upon arriving in South Africa from Zimbabwe just under 14 years ago, who was in SA from the United Kingdom for a quick (too quick!) visit for another friend’s wedding, to an inspiring woman with whom I have only just begun developing a friendship (thanks to Facebook!) after not having seen her since we finished high school 10 years ago (and who now is also a mum-to-be – congrats again Mandy!), to my amazing colleagues and more … I felt like the luckiest girl alive. The luckiest mum-to-be alive! I know that my mum would be proud to see the woman I have become and she would also love each and every one of the friends who was there on that gorgeous day. A girl should never ever underestimate the power of friendships … I’ve always known that but was reminded of it even more so … you girls (and you my Murray!) are my rocks. Love you ALL!!!

Also, a friend at work has been taking the most gorgeous photos of my growing bump since the 29 week mark … here are a few that I have edited on a pretty cool, user-friendly website (www.picnik.com) for your viewing pleasure 🙂





The last one was taken today … 34 weeks and 5 days! Just over 3 weeks to go until we welcome our little Luca into the world!

Till next time …


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