All My Bags Are Packed …

… we’re ready to go. Cannot believe that this is all happening tomorrow … where have the last 38 weeks gone? 

We had a nice chilled family lunch at home today with delicious bits and bobs from Fournos and Dave and I are now in our PJ’s on the couch, watching the IPL final (YAY … it couldn’t have ended at a better time!) and replying to the SMS’s, voicemails and Facebook well wishes from friends and family all over the world. 

🙂 🙂 🙂 I admitted to spiking Dave’s tea and cold drinks with Rescue Remedy this whole week … not a bad idea, all my fellow preggy fairies! He wondered why he had been sleeping so well the last couple of days and thanked me for it. I think that it will help us both remain relatively calm tomorrow … well, I can only hope!

We said goodbye to our African Grey parrot, Solly, for the next couple of months. He has moved in with Dave’s brother and fiance Nicole. We inherited him from Dave’s mom when she passed away a few years ago and, as annoying as he can be sometimes, we do love him and it is going to be odd not having him around. He developed some exceptionally frustrating habits over the last couple of weeks, which caused me to break into tears a couple of times … lurching at my hands when I was trying to fill up his food bowl and pulling on the cage bars to get attention. I think it’s safe to say that should he have been doing that when I have a crying little Luca on my hands, I would have completely lost the plot and probably set him free or made him into parrot stew. So it’s better for both of us in the long run. We’ll bring him home soon though. 

I’ve double checked that I have everything on Sister Eve’s “List of things to pack for the hospital” as well as a few extra creature comforts for myself … Luca’s little “choo choo train” bag is next to my two bags and ready to be loaded into our new Mommy-Mobile tomorrow morning.

Now it’s just time to relax and enjoy each other’s company (and that of the ridiculously underdressed IPL dancers) for the rest of the night 🙂 The next time I post something I will be a Mum … wow. I am excited, but I don’t feel nervous … I am imagining Dave and I, wrapped in a big, warm, loving hug with all our family far away as well as the ones we have lost: Dad, Annie, Lol, Gran, Jack, Margie, Christian, Brigitte, Andrew, Anita, Paul, Damien, Luke, Bron, Mark, Gladys and of course … Mum, Guy and Sally xxx

Lots of love, 




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