Luca Bazookah!

So far I’ve been weed on (a daily occurrence) and pooed on (the infamous “Poo Bonanza”) but nothing has been quite as hilarious as what happened today while I was burping Luca Bazookah (as he is now lovingly known) after his morning feed … 

I am IN LOVE with the bridge of his nose. It sounds weird but, once you’ve seen it’s perfect slope and the two gorgeously round nostrils at the end, you’ll understand. Anyway, I was rubbing his little back to coerce a burp from within his teeny belly when I planted a soft kiss on said perfectly sloped nose … and he gave THE BIGGEST BELCH I have ever heard. Right into my open mouth. Luckily it was just a huge burst of stale milk breath and nothing else … 

I love this little man 🙂



3 thoughts on “Luca Bazookah!

  1. My broodiness tells me that he is nicely “swaddled”… did I get it right? Damn, I’m so getting ready to be a daddy lol. Sssssshhhhh. Don’t tell my 23 year old girlfriend lol

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