11 Weeks Later …

To say that the last 11 weeks have flown by is the understatement of the century. My little boy has gone from a quiet, sleepy little “blob” to a smiling, laughing, crying, shouting, “talking” and bubbly little person and I have transformed from a large pregnant woman into a multi-tasking, quick-thinking mother. A REAL mother who changes nappies, nurses and rocks her baby boy to sleep while singing lullabies at any time of the day from 7pm to 3am … and I never imagined I would be so blissfully (sometimes exhaustively) happy.

Pregnancy does little to prepare you for what lies ahead. In fact, nothing really prepares you. No amount of baby-book-reading or well-meant-advice-taking can prepare you and it’s because each baby, and each mother, is unique. There are no rule books, no instruction manuals, no right or wrong. Just what feels right to you and what makes your little baby happy.

As you would have gauged from my lack of posts, it’s a busy job, being a mum! I had all the great intentions of posting regular updates after Luca’s birth and I think I managed one actual post and 3 or 4 drafts which now look to me as though someone other than myself was the author. I do feel like an entirely new person. I no longer think about myself first when I wake up. My first thought upon waking is not, “What should I do today” but “What will we be doing today”. It takes some getting used to! I think, after 11 weeks of trial and error, late nights, early mornings, messy nappy changes and horrific first bath experiences, that I have now finally gotten used to the daily routine of life as a mum, so hopefully my quiet blog will return to it’s original state … no promises just yet but I will do my best!

Happy Womens’ Day for yesterday and enjoy the public holiday and the warmer weather!!!



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