That moment …

This afternoon I popped in to see a friend who will be meeting her baby boy tomorrow morning and her excitement and anticipation took me back to that day … that moment. The precise second that my gorgeous little Luca Jack was placed on my chest for the first time. He took my breath away with his dark eyes, squinting up at me under the glare of the theatre lights, with such awe and curiosity. I will never, for the rest of my days, forget that moment. In a moment I went from being a newlywed to a mother, from a girl to a woman and from one who thought she understood the meaning of love to one who truly did. The old adage that goes something along the lines of “You don’t know love until you’ve had a child” could not be more true. Yes, you love your husband, your parents, your pets and your friends … but when those tiny fingers wrap themselves around yours and the first toothless smile appears, you will feel your heart melt within your chest and as the tears roll down your cheeks you will then know love.

To all of my gorgeous friends who will soon be experiencing these moments, relish each and every one of them and share your stories with those around you who ask … it could quite easily be the greatest moment of your life.

"That" moment ...

"That" moment ...

“I saw pure love when my son looked at me, and I knew that I had to make a good life for the two of us…” – Suzanne Somers


5 thoughts on “That moment …

  1. *such* an AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS picture. love it.

    and you’re completely right. there’s nothing in this world that can compare to the love I have for my Kid.


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