Mission Seemingly-But-Not-Quite Impossible

We’re off to Mauritius tomorrow for our first family holiday … SO exciting but at the same time, so incredibly nerve-wrecking! Packing for a holiday with an infant is probably one of the most draining and complicated tasks I have EVER taken on. You think, well how hard can it be? 7 days in a 4 star hotel on a tropical island with gorgeous weather? Really, how hard can it be?

Consider this: baby poops/pees 4 to 5 times a day (make it 8 a day to be safe) … x 7 = 49 nappies. The closest size pack from Huggies is a 60 pack. Baby drools on his clothes ALL DAY LONG … 4 bibs for the trip and 2/3 outfits (and vests for underneath the outfits) per day. PLUS pyjamas, or something comfy for him to sleep in. Baby needs to bath once a day: 3 hooded towels, baby toiletries etc.  OMG … WHAT HAPPENS IF IT’S CHILLY??? (It has been known to happen … ) : 2 or 3 warmer onsies for baby to stay snug in. Floatie device to swim with, Huggies Little Swimmers Diapers, 5 “whoopsie” toweling nappies, HUGE can of formula, bulky electric sterilizer (you would have thought that Avent/Pigeon/Nuk would have designed a smaller more compact version for travel), 4 wide neck bottles, 10 pacifiers (they go missing ALL the time!), 4 x Ziplock bags with a wide range of medicines, creams, thermometers, saline drops, Rescue Remedy etc. Pram, favourite fluffy bunny, nappy bag and Kango carrier. MY clothes, toiletries, camera …

Two days of solid packing and I THINK I have everything … let’s just hope that SAA gives us extra weight allowance for Luca!


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