Wow! It’s been a long time since I wrote anything read-worthy … no pressure!

Luca (now almost always affectionately referred to as “Monkey” by me) will be 7 months old at Christmas! He is sitting up all on his own and is doing a crazy jig on his hands and knees … figuring out the motions required to start crawling. CRAWLING!? It feels like just the other day I had to support his head and now he is almost mobile?! Insanity! When they tell you “enjoy every moment, time flies” … they weren’t kidding!

I’d love to know who “they” are … “they” seem to be right about a lot of things!

“They” were right about the fact that things would get easier …

I think back to the first couple of outings with Luca. I would load everything (including the kitchen sink) into the car and (at least an hour after planned departure) away we’d go. En route I would have at least 2 3 4 nervous breakdowns, caused by reckless (perfectly safe) drivers and obstacles (pavements/beggars/red robots) on the road. Upon arrival at the shopping centre/restaurant/friend’s house, I would realize that I’d left the dummy/bunny/spitty-up towel at home and go straight to panic stations. Nowadays it’s a 2 minute affair – nappy bag’s generally always stocked so just a fresh bottle or two needs to be packed into the bag, bag in the car and away we go. I have yet to find myself in a situation where I don’t have what I need, touch wood.

Bath time … OMG! Bath time was my worst nightmare! I will now, after 6 and a half months, admit that when Luca was tiny I would only bath him once a week. Hey! It was cold … and I was PETRIFIED!!! Every time I stripped the poor little thing down he would scream at the top of his lungs, which scared me so much I would literally dry him, cover him in lotion and have him redressed within a couple of minutes, so as to avoid any further stress. For me, of course. All the books talked about how you should take the oppotunity, at bath time, to give your baby a relaxing massage, play him some chilled music and allow him to inhale the calming scents of lavender oil. NOT! Bath time back then was hideous. Now, it’s a joy 🙂 Luca splashes about happlily while he lets me wash him all over, stress-free. He moans a bit when we take him out but I think that’s just because he loves being naked and he’s figured out that the end of bath time signals the end of naked time too. Little streaker!

It’s amazing that in 6 short months, I have gone from being 100% CLUELESS about babies, to a relatively competent mother! Sometimes when I am in the kitchen, whipping up a batch of pureed carrots/pears/baby marrow/peaches to pour into ice trays and freeze to store in zip lock bags, simultaneously sterilizing botles, measuring out formula and wiping down the pumpkin-covered Bumbo, I like to imagine myself as a bit of a Super-Mom … cape and all 🙂

The truth is, all new moms are Super-Moms in their own ways. We all have circumstances to overcome, be  they the demands of work, a demanding baby, frustrating family members or post-birth stress. We are all brilliant at what we do. And I am yet to meet a new mom who  gives herself the credit she is due. So, well done moms!

We are all SUPER!


One thought on “Super-Moms

  1. Hi Super Mom

    Yes, parenthood, especially motherhood is an exciting journey, which has its ups and downs.

    As you know, I have just had my second baby. I am quite the opposite really when it comes to baby’s bathtime. My first baby girl, Himani, who was born 3 years ago, used to suffer from gas as does my new baby, Milana, who was born a month ago. I think the loose term for the “condition” is colic, but no one really knows, I just gathered that its gas coz both babies had episodes of grumbling, not burping, hard stomachs, legs scrunched up, painful pooing. However, there is a difference with the latest baby, Milana, she also suffers from reflux. With Himani (the elder child) I was very proud that I never had to carry a spit up cloth as she never spit or threw up – always a very clean baby. Well, with Milana its the opposite, spitting up is a common occurence so there’s lots of washing up to do!

    Now I digressed but the point I am trying to say is that with Himani (and less frequency with Milana) I used to bath her all the time. See Himani hates sleeping and the best trick on earth if she was having what I term as an “episode” was to bath with her and breastfeed her in the bath, it worked like a dream. So sometimes even 3 times a day. I was a bit obsessed though and refused for anyone else to bath the baby til she was a year old. With the new baby, she falls asleep easier so no need for multiple baths.

    Just thought I’d share that with you…

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