Gran-Gran, Aunty Lance & DJ Sam

Luca and I are off to the UK on Sunday night to spend 10 days with my Gran, my sister and her boyfriend! YAY!

I am not really nervous about travelling with Luca. He was REALLY chilled on the flights to and from Mauritius and is sleeping through now. I know he is bigger and can now move around a lot more, but I think if I just give him a bit of Rescue Remedy in each bottle and have a couple of toys for him to play with chuck around, then we should be just fine.

I have borrowed some GORGEOUS fluffy, warm winter clothes from Lindy & Claire for Luca and I bought some seriously UNsexy thermal undies for me, as well as a fleece K-Way top, beanie and gloves. I’m just going to layer as much as I possibly can. The last time I was in the UK in winter was about 9 years ago and I cried like a baby most of the time that I was outdoors. I really don’t cope too well with the cold 😛

My Gran is really excited to see us and, after hearing that we would be coming, she put out the word that she would have her great-grandson coming to visit. Within the day she had arranged to borrow a cot, high chair and car seat 🙂 I am just SO glad that Luca is going to meet some of my family now and spend some of this year’s festive season with them.

Anyway, hope you all had a lovely Christmas day and that you have a seriously fun but really safe New Years!



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