Little Boy

It literally feels like yesterday that Luca was just a helpless little newborn, lying all swaddled in his blankie with his dummy permanently lodged in his gob … whether he liked it or not.

Now he’s more of a little boy than a little baby.

He doesn’t just cry, like little babies do … he cries because he wants something. A bottle. The TV remote off of the coffee table. Attention. It’s just mind-boggling that in a few short months he’s just grown into a person. A little person, but a person nonetheless 🙂 In some ways I miss the the newborn vulnerability, that he needed me for every little thing. But more than missing that time in his life, I love the way he is now: climbing up the couch and coasting along the furniture, slowly following me down the passage when I walk to the bathroom, crawling after the (terrified) cat and giggling like a lunatic when he eventually gets hold of her. He watches us eat with such intrigue and when he gets a mouthful of food, he chews gums it and enjoys it, not just swallowing like he did with the runny first porridge that he had at 5 months old. He loves holding a triangle of Laughing Cow and squishing it, the creamy cheese squeezing through his fingers. He loves Marmite on toast in the mornings (he’s his mother’s child!) and lamb and sweet potato for lunch. I remember clearly, the day that I moved him from the camp cot next to our bed, to his big cot in his own room – a trauma for me and merely a new adventure for him. He didn’t protest one little bit and in fact slept through the night from that night on! He’s just such a content and happy baby little boy, always with a smile on his face. Every time someone tells me what a gorgeous little thing he is, I feel my heart literally burst with pride. I can’t wait to see him walk, talk (with more of a vocabulary than “dada, dida, nana, tata and phlergmenurgh”, play in the garden with his doggies and in the little splash pool. Speaking of pools, we start swimming lessons this weekend.

Where has the time gone?!?!


One thought on “Little Boy

  1. I LOVE Luca in this picture – He’s too goddammed CUTE! With his little checked golf shirt 🙂

    LOVE IT!

    You rule as well poops…. x x x

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