Aqua Tots

I must admit that after hearing stories about babies being dunked completely under the water during a first class, I was slightly anxious about our first swimming class at Aqua Tots, Craighall Park. I was, however, really impressed with the whole package. The pool was clean and warm, the teacher focussed on each baby (there were 9 babies altogether) during the half hour lesson, instructions were clear and, most importantly, Luca loved every minute of it! You’d also imagine that there may be quite a bit of moaning or crying from babies if this was their first experience in a “real” pool. But there was none of it – they all had a ball! Songs were sung, toys were swum after and fun was had by all.

The instructor made sure that we all know that the Aqua Tots course is a major commitment (the class we go to is lunch time on Saturdays – key mommy-socializing time!) and that the only way for a baby to develop confidence in the water is to ensure that we attend every class and practice the exercises at home every day (in the bath), which makes sense as babies thrive on routine.

All I know is that Luca just LOVED it and I would highly recommend the course to all new moms & babes ๐Ÿ™‚

Check out the website for an Aqua Tots class near you:


2 thoughts on “Aqua Tots

  1. what a wonderfull thing for Luca to do and best of all will teach him confidence and he’ll learn to swim so Gran and Granpa can take him boogie boarding when he comes to visit us…………….

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