A friend asked me for advice on solids and I put this email together for her … so I thought I’d share it with the world šŸ™‚ Sure it’s the same info you could find anywhere on the net, but here it is anyway:

Okay … best things for first foods (after a try of rice cereal, which Luca HATED) is apple for fruit and butternut for veg. Two really great investments are an electric steamer and a hand held food processor/blender, like this:

I bought an el-cheapo no name brand one which was a mistake. If I blended stuff that was even remotely warm, the motor packed in. So I am going to have to buy another one. Buy yourself a nice hand held one and a nice steamer and you will not go wrong šŸ™‚

Anyhoo, to make your first batch of food you will need the following:
1 x bag of diced butternut
1 TSP olive oil
1 x bag of sweet apples (I found nice juicy reddish-yellow ones from Woolies are the nicest)
A couple of ice trays (ones with biggish mould thingies)
Lots of Ziploc bags Apples:

Peel, core and chop the apples and steam until soft. Apples don’t take too long – 15-20 mins at the longest. Wait for them to cool a little and puree until smooth (for while they are still little). Scoop into the apple puree into the ice trays and freeze overnight. In the morning, pop the apple cubes out (you may need a knife to just wedge them out) and store in the Ziploc bags in the deep freeze. Make sure you date the bags so you know how long you’ve had it in the freezer. Most solids experts recommend keeping frozen fruit/veg for up to 3 months. It won’t last that long though … trust me!

Butternut: Pop the butternut cubes into the steamer and steam until very soft. Wait to cool. Blend with 1 TSP of olive oil (helps avoid constipation that can sometimes occur when starting solids) and puree until soft. Scoop into ice trays, freeze overnight and store in the Ziploc bags.

Once your baby has gone a week or so on his solids you can start introducing new things: Luca loved baby marrow, sweet potato, gemsquash, pumpkin, carrots. Foods to avoid to begin with: broccoli and any other strong/bitter veggies.

A really good website to have a look at is You’ll need to register to be able to access all the recipes but it’s free, so it’s good šŸ™‚ Luca’s now eating lamb, beef, chicken, pasta, almost all veggies, delicious Purity “Good Nights” porridge at dinner time, “soldiers” of toast with Laughing Cow cheese spread on it, Flings, every fruit under the sun … and more šŸ™‚ Still pureeing most of his stuff but trying to slowly introduce little bits and pieces.


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