“The Cage”

When Luca started to become more mobile, working and watching him simultaneously became near impossible. So off I went to Baby City, and for just under R500, I got “The Cage” LOL! We call it that but it’s a play pen, really. And it’s a lifesaver! If I need to check emails, make dinner while Dave’s not around or just want to be able to watch Ellen without worrying that Luca’s going to wrap himself in the TV cables or get stuck under the coffee table. He quite enjoys it too – plays with his toys quietly by himself or practices his standing and coasting along the sides.
If you feel you need extra arms or eyes in the back of your head, “The Cage” is for you.

4 thoughts on ““The Cage”

  1. Its like reading my own words I so relate! We got the exact cage at baby city and call it that too! At first Sumayah didn’t like it, but now that she’s pulling herself to satnd etc she’s getting used to it 🙂

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