First Ride in a Woolies Trolley!

YAY! No more trolley/pram dilemmas or struggling to carry 1 x 9kg baby and 1 x freaking heavy shopping basket!

8 thoughts on “First Ride in a Woolies Trolley!

  1. Love it!

    Poops when I get my blog started properly, I will add yours on and then we can make them both MEGA cool, but yours is looking good!!!

    Look at Luca’s little face – soooo happy!

    x x x

  2. That would be GREAT Poops! I see so many cool blogs out there and I guess you need to know more about CSS to edit it really nicely? You can be my IT go-to-girl 🙂

    He is so happy and so cute! His little teeth are super sharp!

    Love you


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