Yesterday, 4 other moms and their babies (between 3 months and 6 years old), Luca and I headed off to Serendipity in Rosebank. Exact location is 48 Keyes Avenue, Rosebank. Now, first off, I have inside information regarding that particular part of Rosebank (known as the Rosebank “triangle”) and what I can say is that most of the properties within that “triangle” are ear-marked for demolition and the whole area (taking into consideration it’s very close proximity to the Gautrain Statiion) is going to be redeveloped. So, if you wouldlike to go and try this place out, I would suggest you make plans to pop in sooner rather than later! I could however, be completely wrong. But anyway.

The venue is lovely – pretty metal tables and chairs underneath leafy trees in the beautiful suburn of Rosebank. Kirst and I arrived around 1:45 and Leanne and Yolande had already ordered their food as they both stay quite far from Rosebank anf Friday afternoon traffic + rain in Jo’burg = a TOTAL nightmare. Yolande’s chicken salad was more of a red & yellow pepper salad and she mentioned that the chicken was raw. This is not the first time that I have heard not so great reviews about the food at Serendipity (read here at Baby Schepers) but they do indeed have very enthusiastic staff who happily watch your child while you sip on a cappucino and get a moment or two to yourself which, in itself, is a reason to go!

It’s a nice child-friendly place, with a cute little shop and pleasant staff. Nuff said.


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