I’ve been a very, very bad blogger …

I have no excuses. I haven’t been busy, any busier than normal at least. My internet hasn’t been down. Luca hasn’t been sick. I’ve just been plain lazy. So, (if anyone’s reading this, and cares) I’m sorry.

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks, with Easter lunches, farewell dinners and … lazy Sundays 🙂

This Saturday we have Luca’s future wife’s (yes, we’ve already arranged their union) 1st birthday party out at a farm in Benoni. I forget the name of the venue now, but I will post something about it this weekend, I’m sure 🙂 We were also meant to go to an open casting at The Wild Child Agency on Saturday morning, but thank goodness it was postponed actually. Just don’t know how we would have been in Randburg at 9 and then in Benoni by 10! Mission impossible I think!!! Saturday night should be really cool – I have a friend who I literally haven’t seen in 16 years! Facebook brought us back together after I moved to South Africa from Zimbabwe in late 1995. Lucie and her friend are in the Kruger Park at the moment and will be driving through to Jo’burg to stay with us for two nights – I can’t wait!

I also seem to be slowly morphing into an event planner of sorts. Besides Luca’s “Mod Monkey” first birthday at the end of May, Lisa from Mommalicious Mammas has asked me to help her out with the Jozi Mammas Get Together, which should be happening toward the end of June. I am really excited about that – meeting like-minded moms who live close by is always fun!

We’re also having Luca baptised next weekend. Or christened. I still don’t know if there is a significant difference between being christened and being baptised. Anyway, he will be baptised/christened next Sunday at the Rosebank Catholic Church. YES! I said the Rosebank CATHOLIC Church. Now, people who know me well are probably thinking, “WTF?!” I am not a religious person at all. I wouldn’t go as far as to call myself an Atheist, because I do believe in … stuff. I don’t believe that the world was created in 7 days, that the Red Sea was parted, or that ANYONE managed to turn water into wine. But, after my parents and teachers taught me what they felt was right, I made a DECISION to believe what I wanted to believe. I will teach Luca as much as I possibly can as he grows up – he will learn about religion as a whole at school no doubt, and at home we will expose him to everything else. Within reason, of course. But I want him to make his own, informed decision when he is able to. But for now, with Dave’s Catholic upbringing and schooling, we have decided to have him christened. Baptised. Argh … whatever! 😀

So aaaanyway, last Wednesday we popped into the Rosebank Catholic Church to be briefed on the origins of baptism. To say that I was uncomfortable being there was an understatement. Thankfully though, the feeling I had when I first arrived soon faded away. The Deacon, a really nice guy from the South of Jo’burg, explained to us and a room full of fellow new(ish) moms and dads, the origin and meaning of baptism. He washed away any fears I had that I wouldn’t be the one holding my child during the ceremony, or that I would have to pretend to be a religious fanatic to have Luca baptised in their church. So, I am happy about it. Dave’s dad & stepmom will be there too, which is really cool and we’ve booked a table at Moyo Zoo Lake for lunch afterwards. Plus I got a RIDICULOUSLY cute outfit from Koko Bino for Luca to wear on the day! 🙂 So it will be a great day, with lots of lovely photo opportunities, which always makes me happy 🙂

Then we have Ivan & Nicole’s wedding to look forward to. Ivan is Dave’s younger brother and Nicole is just the sweetest girl – I can’t wait for her to be my sister-in-law! I’ve spotted the most gorgeous purple dress at Marion & Lindie that I reeeeeeeaaaaaally want to go and try on … a possible wedding outfit 😉

And yes … that’s it really.

Crawling around at Mandy's house at a Mommies' Tea on Sunday

I can't believe that my Monkey is almost 1 ...


7 thoughts on “I’ve been a very, very bad blogger …

  1. Congrats on the first year! He’s beautiful!
    I also went through the ritual of a blessing in Church, and agree with your whole belief system. Mine looks the same as well. I think it is good to expose them to everything, and to leave it up to them to make their own informed decisions.
    Enjoy your parties! 😀

  2. I care, and love reading your blog. Hope the christening/baptism went well this weekend. I remember your christening in Rustenburg. You were three months old and loved watching the fishes in the fish tank, and eating puree through your nose. Well I assumed you liked in it your rozza, I kept feeding you there. Love you.

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