Happy Mothers’ Day

Dear Mum and Sally,

I know that you are out there … somewhere, watching over Dave, Luca and I.

I know that you are both filled with love and pride for the three of us.

I know that, although you never got to meet your first grandchild, you both love Luca with all of your heart and that you recognize the little bits of you in him. Sally – your infectious laugh and cute button nose. Mum – your wicked sense of humour and incredible imagination.

He has made days like this so much easier for us … we still miss you both more than words could possibly describe, but he has brought something incredible into our lives. Something that is able to completely remove any feelings of sadness or loneliness. I believe that it’s the pieces of you that he carries within him – the pieces of you that made us happy before you were gone.

He is just so cute … he has started to stand on his own, he coasts around on the furniture. He’s got a VERY strong throwing arm, so something tells me he is going to be a sportsman. Hopefully a South African bowler, just for  you Sally 🙂

Mum, he’s definitely going to be a reader – I will start “BWAB”* with him when he is a little big bigger. Lol bought him an entire set of Dr Seuss books, which I can’t wait to start reading to him 🙂

I wish that you could have seen him on the day that he was born – all wrinkly and soft, alert from the very moment he came into the world. I wish you could have been there when we Christened him. I wish you could be here for his first birthday.

We love and miss you both more and more every day … Luca will know all about both of you as he grows up. That I promise you.

Happy Mothers’ Day, Sally & Mum.

All my love,

*For everyone in the world besides my sister and my late mum, “BWAB” means “Bed with a book” 🙂

5 thoughts on “Happy Mothers’ Day

  1. Awww Niks you make me drizzle…shew hun you also make me realise how lucky I am to have my mom here! You are doing a great job with Luca he is for lack of a better word DELISH!

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