Number 2

Following on from Exmi’s post this morning … is there a “right” time to have Number 2?

Last Monday I had a paediatrician appointment for Luca as he’d had a nasty 40 degree fever on the Saturday night before, and we’d rushed him to Morningside emergency after a suppository and a tepid bath did nothing to bring the fever down. Turns out he had a nasty ear infection and a course of strong antibiotics, nasal spray, oral drops and more was required to get him back to his normal, happy little self. Anyway, while we were at the paed, I decided to drop in the fact that I wanted to have another baby (Luca was about to turn 1 the following day) pretty soon. The paed’s immediate answer was “Not yet!” His reasoning behind this was that I am still young and that Luca needs to be a baby for a while still. Fair enough, I get his point. But my sister and I are 17 months apart and (not as far as I can recall) I never felt robbed of my babyhood because my sister was born when I was still a “baby”, and in fact we’ve always been each other’s BFF – for as long as I can remember.

Earlier that day I’d been at my new gynae for my annual check up and to make sure that all the bits and bobs were in working order, so that when we did decide to get going on Number 2, we wouldn’t have any problems. I dropped the same comment there … “So doc, my little one is about to turn one and I was thinking about getting started on the next one …” The response from him was completely different … “Yes!” he proclaimed, “You’re still young, so there would even be time for Number 3 or 4 afterwards too!” Um … no thanks! But I was happy with his response. I want to be “done” by the time I hit the big 3-0. My mum was young when she had me – very  young – at 21. She was “done”by the time she was 24. Which is 4 years younger than I am now! I definitely wasn’t ready to have kids when I was 21, but I am ready now … and I want two. So? Who is to say when the “right” time is?

Then you read about people like Kelly Preston and Celine Dion being pregnant so late in life. I’m really happy for them – the Travolta’s recently lost their son … but would you really want to be waking up at 3am for a night feed when you’re 40-odd? No offense to any older-mom readers that may read this – but I know that when I am 40-odd, I would rather be helping my teen with homework and sleeping the whole night through.

But that’s just me.

Plus, Number 2 has a whole host of toys, clothes and other stuff that’s just waiting for him/her … so to begin with, for at least the first year … Number 2 will, in fact, cost us less than Luca did!

At the end of the day there is no “right” answer … all I know is that I can’t wait to have a little BFF for my Monkey!

5 thoughts on “Number 2

  1. You’re right – there is no right time! I did not plan to have kids 15 years apart, but it has been such a blessing to have number 2 after 40. 🙂 What I found is that I could spend all the time with my teen when she was growing up, and now I can devote most of my time again to the little one. They do not have to fight for my attention, because they have different needs!
    You can have another one now, and then one after 40 as well 😉

  2. I see the beautiful bond that my twins have so I say GO FOR IT NOW!!! Monkey Moo will love having a sibling so close in age!!! 🙂

  3. lol, and here I was thinking it was going to be a blog about pooping… “is there a “right” time to have Number 2?” Well, preferably when you’re on the toilet. On your bosses desk? Not so much.

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