Party Time!

So, we had Luca’s first birthday party on Sunday at River Café Sandton and it was AMAZING!

Yes, it rained (in Jo’burg, in Winter) so we were all confined to the (gorgeous) wooden deck but it couldn’t have gone better. Claire and Marita from Party Buddies Kids Parties arrived an hour before the party started to set up and they did a phenomenal job. The decor was exactly how I had imagined it, with gorgeous blue and yellow chair covers, personalized juice bottles and party packs, gorgeous balloons and more. Claire – THANK YOU AGAIN!!! It was amazing!

The venue and staff at River Café are fantastic! The food (Dave hadn’t eaten that morning, so he ordered a burger before the party started) was divine – we had salmon & asparagus tarts, fresh muffins, kebabs, chips, sarmies and (my favourite) jugs of Pimms and gingerale with fresh cucumber and fruit. YUM.

Luca’s cake was also PERFECT and went down a treat, along with Candice’s delectable vanilla cupcakes with the heavenly Nutella centers and marshmallowy blue and yellow icing!

I can’t wait till the next one …


6 thoughts on “Party Time!

  1. Hi Nicki!

    I just would like to inform you that we are very impressed with your blogging – you have a cuti-pie-monkey-pie 🙂

    You have won our Mommy Blogger of the Month for June – Congratulations!

    If you want me to email you the Mommy Blog pic – just let me know 🙂 (
    Mother Nature

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