Little old me? Winner of an award? Never!

So, while I was out riding elephants at Camp Jabulani, I received the June “Mommy Blogger of the Month” award from Mother Nature News, which you can check out here. What a great bit of news to receive! Like an extra birthday present!!! Just knowing that people read my blog now and then is enough … but to know that it’s enjoyed enough to win an award? SO COOL!

Now I just need to post something new … watch this space!

I might be a bit busy though … I’ll be testing all the FABULOUS products I got in the enormous box from Heat Magazine this afternoon! I sent them an email after they called for entries on their Twitter page and … I WON! Well … I didn’t “win” but I am one of the judges, and I was therefore one of the VERY LUCKY recipients of a HUGE box of products which I need to try out and review over the next month. Quite a task … going to have skin softer than a baby’s bum by the time this is done!!! YAY!

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