The Bully

So, Dave and I were waiting for Beaut’s KFC dinner last night at The Zone. The store was busy and there was a boy, probably around 13 or 14 years old, standing with a younger boy (I assumed it was his kid brother) also waiting for their order. Cute, nerdy little guys with braces and sensible shoes. The kind of boys who were dropped off at the movies by mom and dad, who were well-mannered and respectful. Nice boys. The glass door swung open, letting in a gust of cold, unfriendly air bringing with it a group of fat, shuffling, obnoxious teen hoodlums. No, they didn’t shuffle. They were noisy and annoying from the moment they burst in. They didn’t pick up their lazy feet, which is why I say they shuffled. Lazy little shits. Anyway, one of them, wearing his cap precariously perched on the back of his fat, ugly head, was smoking and looked drunk. Bear in mind that these little twits were no older than 15, if that. He walks into the KFC with his smoke hanging from his mouth, in a wife-beater vest and Adidas tracksuit pants, looking exactly like one of the scallies in Manchester. He pushes past the young nerdy boys and then swings around at them, pushing the one boy and slurring, “How you looking at me bra? How you looking at me BRA!” He pushes the older boy, who is stunned and says nothing. He’s so scared that he’s gone completely silent. I am gobsmacked and stand there, staring. The fat, ugly, smoking little brat turns and looks at us. We look away. Two of the bully’s mates laugh and pull him outside. When we see them outside after we collect our takeaways, they’re fighting amongst themselves outside a clothing store inside The Zone. They sound drunk and totally out of control … I wonder where their parents are. If they even care.

After a nice night out at the movies, I have a really bitter taste in my mouth. How do you make sure your son doesn’t turn into such a horrendous creature? Can you? you prevent it? Could *this* possibly be the face of a future bully? I’ll be damned if I ever let that happen.


3 thoughts on “The Bully

  1. Poops, it is terrible isn’t it!

    The scallies around here make me sick, hanging about, just working up normal people trying to get on with their lives. What is worse here is sometimes it will be a group, with boys as young as 5 going up to old men, who obviously have some superiority issues – but have no real friends – that they get these younger boys to look up to them – but they are like 25-30! It is just a joke – but this country is MESSED up!

    You just got to hope that not EVERYONE out there is like that and hope that it is just a SMALL minority!

    x x x

  2. Luca is surrounded by people who model “love” “respect” “honesty” “compassion” and that is what he will ……. what he IS learning. Lots of love, Annie xxxxx

  3. I agree with you totally Niks and nope NO chance of our boys being bullies! lets put it this way if Luke ever picks on someone… I brought him into this world and will take him out… hehee! Seriously I do honestly think it all stems from up bringing I bet you their dads are the same as them! So dont even stress about it. Luca is devine and will stay that way xxxxxxx

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