Beautiful Beanie

Isn’t that a gorgeous little face?

Beanie is a loving, loyal and intelligent pooch. She’s been around since I was 21, which is what makes this so hard. Beanie is fantastic with people, but not with babies or children. I noticed it a few times when my friend Chantelle would bring her son, Jethro, around to our home. She would growl at him when he came close and would snap at his ankles as he went past. I didn’t have a child of my own yet then, so I didn’t fully comprehend the potential problems.

Luca was born in the middle of winter, so all three of our dogs (Beanie and Harry & Ollie, Pugs) spent all day long in front of the heater. Summer rolled around at about the same time that Luca started to crawl, so the dogs spent more time outside, with less contact with Luca. Now it’s been cold again, so the dogs have been inside. The Pugs adore Luca and he loves them. He loves Beanie too, but she’s not all too fond of him. She growls at him when when he approaches her and has snapped close to his feet when he moves passed her. At first I thought it would be fine – just keep her away from him. But that’s not really fair … is it? While the Pugs lie, warm in front of the heater in the lounge, Beanie is locked in the kitchen. Its not fair.

But I just cant take the chance of her ever actually snapping at and hurting Luca! First of all, I’d never forgive myself for any harm coming to my child, especially because of something I could have prevented. Secondly, I know what fierce love I have for my child, and I am scared of how I might react and act toward Beanie if he ever did get hurt …

So, it is with a heavy heart that I write this note. Please, share this with anyone who you know who does not have children. Who spends lots of time at home. Maybe your Grandparents? Elderly relatives? Someone who would love this precious old girl with the kindest of hearts and the spirit of a pup …

12 thoughts on “Beautiful Beanie

  1. 😦 I can imagine what kind of predicament you’re in Nix, but you can’t give her away – she is of course, your oldest ‘child’. This is very sad.

    • Joe,
      You know – this is not a decision I have made overnight. Beanie has snapped at him a couple of times already. As he gets bigger, he is going to get rougher with her. He will try to grab her, which will no doubt irritate her. She could easily snap at his face and that is just not something I am willing to risk. I am also afraid of what I would do to her if she did harm my child. I fear ANYONE or ANYTHING that would hurt my child, for that matter. Also, I just don’t see how it’s fair that while the Pugs get to sit and play with Luca, she has to sit all on her own in the cold kitchen. I live in a neighbourhood where there are LOTS of older people. Older people who don’t work and don’t have young children. Older people who would love to have a little lapdog who barks at strangers and laps up attention, being an “only child”. In an ideal world, someone who lives close to me would take her … so that I could still see her and visit her. At the end of the day, Luca is my life. And I will do whatever I need to protect him, at all times.

  2. Jolene, I think it can be quite difficult when there is a little child involved, I am sure that Luca is not one to pull and tug on the dog, but if she does not like having kids around her then it is a tricky situation. I am positive that Nicky will find Beanie a better home that what she has now, where she can get all the love and attention she needs….

    And I am sure, Nix and Luca will still visit her too!

  3. I don’t argue for one second that your decision is not a wise one, I’m just saying that it is very sad. Tessa is my oldest ‘child’ and has been problematic lately too (not towards my children though – even though she does bite Kyle’s fingers, but then Kyle irritates her!) so I know what you’re going through in terms of having to find her a new home. Have you thought about contacting FORA?

  4. oh nix, i’m so sorry that you have to go through this. i know what it’s like having to give away your “baby”. but the life of your son, far outways that of our beloved four legged friend.
    i hope you find a home for Beanie.
    thinking of you

  5. Hi Nicki. I feel for you. I have 2 large dogs – a husky who is also not good with children (he came from an abusive home) and a mixed breed. They were also my children before my baby girl arrived in Feb. Luckily my 2 have adapted well to her, but I could not imagine how I would have felt if there were problems.
    Have you tried maybe using a remedy to help treat the aggression or behaviour? Have a look at . Their remedies are very good and work fantastically. I have used a few of their rememdies. Perhaps you could try it?

  6. I agree 100% Joe & Tanya – I am certainly not going to rush into rehoming her! IF she does get rehomed it would have to be with someone I am perfectly comfortable with. But yes, I will do all I can to try to treat her behavioural problems in the mean time xxx

  7. I have heard that dog whispers are also very good 🙂 Whereabouts do you live in SA? My friend got in a dog whisperer for her dogs that dug in the garden…..we are in Cape Town.

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