What is a Girl Toodoo???

There’s no such thing as a free lunch … OR IS THERE?!

Toodoo is “an online collection of things toodoo in Joburg tooday, toomorrow or the perhaps next Toosday. It’s where you’ll find all our city’s best-kept secrets, lucky finds and unexpected adventures, from the yummiest crab curry in town to the hottest fashion and design stores, outings-we-bet-you-didn’t-know-about and even things toodoo for free! toodoo is not just another boring restaurant guide, service listing or events calendar. toodoo is not a manual for mallrats, couch potatoes or people who wish they like, lived in Slaapstad, man. It’s not for sissies, either. If your idea of an awesome time is watching Spur’s waiters sing and dance, you might want to give this site a miss” …


I entered a competition on Toodoo’s Facebook page just by commenting a picture … YES, it was THAT easy! I had to say what I though was so great about Jozi women … and as a Jozi woman, mother and wife, I certainly know all about it! My winning comment was, “Jozi women are strong yet soft, able to deal with the rat-race that can sometimes be Jozi living, while still loving and caring for their families. I am PROUD to be a Jozi Woman!”


For more info on the monthly ILUVJHB events, held at the Codfather Village of Restaurants, check out the ILUVSA website here!

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