I’m alive, promise!

Wow! Its been … ages since I last posted anything! In fact, I think I need to read that last post to see exactly what I need to fill you all in on!

Here’s some pics of my gorgeous little monkey to keep you entertained whilst I check what you’ve missed out on …

Oooookay! So the last time we *spoke* I was contemplating life as a working mom. Well, let’s just say that it has exceeded my expectations thus far! I have an awesome team and am loving every minute of it. Yes … I am even going to admit that I am enjoying my time apart from Luca. Don’t get me wrong, I love my baby boy more than life itself, but nothing compares to feeling like you’ve contributed … that you’ve made a difference. I also feel (as my dear friend Roz assured me I would) that I appreciate and savour the time that I do have with Luca now, and that I get less irritated when he is moany or clingy. The fact is, by the time I see him, I want him to want to be held. I want him to sit in my arms while we watch an(other) episode of In the Night Garden. I want him to want me to hold his hand (he’s very independent already … wonder where he gets that from!) while we take a walk to the park, knocking on every garage door as we walk by and pick up stones in every driveway. I love it. The adage, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” couldn’t be more true or more fitting. I literally feel like I love him more and more each time I walk in the door in the afternoon and he toddles over to greet me with a *squeeeeeeeeeeeze* and a sloppy smooch. Love!

So yes, things are going well. Very well … *touch wood*

Even Beanie seems more chilled.  Dave tells me he comes home from work some days to find Luca in the back with Beaut and the pooches while she does the ironing. I am still very weary and watch her all the time but I think the fact that I am not around all the time means that she (Beanie) is not as jealous and possessive, and therefore has less reason to get snappy. The pugs, on the other hand, love Luca to bits and he bursts into fits of giggles when then snort around his little feet.

Dave and I will be married two years this coming Monday. Two years of marriage (see babe, it’s not that bad! ;)) and just over 8 years together. EIGHT YEARS! It sounds like a lifetime but in all seriousness, it’s gone by in the blink of an eye. What is it that they say about time flying and having fun? Not only do I still love you after eight loooooooong years babe, but the last 2 have easily been the best of my life …

From our perfect wedding …

(More here, here, here and here … oh how I love these pictures! If you’re looking for an INCREDIBLE photographer, get hold of either Andrea Carlyle or Dror Eyal)

… to our unforgettable honeymoon …

… to the birth of our beautiful baby boy, Luca Jack Dadic … the past two years have been something out of a fairy tale. Baby Shoes: I love you more now than I ever have and I just know that it’s just going to get even better. I love you with ALL of my heart and I’m SO proud of how far we’ve come!

Look at us … back in the day 🙂

What else?! We had a ROCKING time at the I Luv JHB event at the Codfather at the beginning of August. Maybe even too much of a rocking time. It was all sorts of awesome 🙂

Lots of fun stuff is happening for so many of my BFFs at the moment too: Murray’s started an AMAZING job at Tequila, Lili got engaged in France, Ilona is planning her “Vintage Nautical” wedding in April 2011 and I AM A BRIDESMAID! Stacey is having her baby mid-October (my money’s on a girl!)

All of Luca’s little friends are turning one soon, with Kaidy’s party coming up this Saturday. Roz’s beautiful girls, Hayley & Emma turned one at the end of August and Roz threw an incredible party at The River Cabin. Roz, I’ve really got to say this: you are SO incredibly talented, organized, creative and thoughtful! How you do it all with TWINS is just beyond me and I take my hat off to you. Thank you for inviting Luca and I along to celebrate the momentous occasion of your girls’ first birthday!

Tomorrow night I am seeing Ilona one last time before she leaves for London and abandons all her bridey’s again *sob* and hopefully we’ll pop over to Wolves as well.

On Friday, Dave and I are going to watch The Stella’s at Primi Lounge in Rosebank. These boys rocked my socks off  (I couldn’t sit still when the played and literally LEAPT out of my chair and started dancing like a complete lunatic) at the I Luv JHB event. They’re launching their EP and selling these RAD t-shirts for a hundred bucks a pop … so COME ON! Support some really cool local music (i.e. NOT The Parlotones) and swing on by!

Alright … this marketing-assistant-and mommy-by-day and loopy-maniac-dancer-groupie-by-night needs to catch up on some beauty sleep!

Chat soon, promise!

“Dance like nobody’s watching; love like you’ve never been hurt.

Sing like nobody’s listening; live like its heaven on earth.”

Mark Twain


4 thoughts on “I’m alive, promise!

  1. Yay so please to hear you are alive and dancing my friend!
    Great post x
    Can’t WAIT to see all the moms,the boys and u (Been WAAAY to long sigh) on saturday!
    and Yes I agree with you about ROZ geeewizzz twin mamma – talented much? hehee xxxx

  2. Ah, stunning post friendy poo!!! I LOVE all the pics of you and Dave from years gone by…you are such a stunning couple!!! And thanks for the compliments!!! Love ya!

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