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First off, it must be noted that this post has taken me a couple of hours to write. Not because I have pondered anything in depth, but because my dearest, most darling, gorgeous child managed to pull the  space bar off of my aging MacBook. Yes, I got it “attached” again, but in order to create a space between words, I need to HIT THE SPACE BAR with similar force required when using a 1950’s typewriter. Seriously! So, at some stage I am going to need to send my shiny little white friend off to rehab.

My BIG news is that I am going to be on TV! Jozi Kids posted a link on their Facebook page, calling on mom bloggers to submit their info to possibly appear on a “how-to” segment of Sam Cowen’s live (eeeeeep!) talk show, Great Expectations.  So, I sent the email as instructed, with a link to my blog. A few days later I received a call from one of the show’s researchers, asking if I would like to come on the show. Who me? YES! 😀 I am very excited but also VERY nervous – edited programming is one thing, live TV is another. I see bottles of Rescue Remedy in my future …

Speaking of Rescue – this past weekend was a long one. In more than one way. Yes, Friday was Heritage Day/National Braai Day and I spent it at a friend’s son’s 3rd birthday party at the fantastic River Cafe in Sandton. This was where we had Luca’s birthday at the end of May. The big difference between then and now, is that Luca is now 100% mobile, thus making “watching him” a much more physical task. I spent the first 4 hours of the day running after him, holding his hand as he walked over (and over and over and over) a wooden wobbly bridge, jumped down steps, bounced on a jumping castle. It was exhausting. The good thing is that nowadays I rarely feel guilty about not going to gym: I do SO much exercise without even realizing it! Friday afternoon we spent at a friend’s house, sticking our feet through the pool net and kicking a deflated Jabulani ball around their garden.

Saturday was spent grocery shopping at Woolies and then at an awesome lunch with friends in their AMAZING, picture-perfect home in Athol. If they went on holiday long enough, I would seriously consider moving us in and then claiming squatter rights … or something. It is just incredible! We ended our afternoon there watching some scenes from a seriously ancient, seriously cheesy, D-grade horror called Toxic Avenger. If you’re in the mood for something random, retarded and slightly R-rated, watch it 🙂

On Sunday, after a LOOOOOOONG drive to and from Leondale at 8 in the morning (don’t ask) we decided to follow Toodoo’s recommendations and check out the Zoo Lake public swimming pool. Aside from the mountain of dog poop outside the main entrance (pick up your dog’s mess man!) it was so cool! Really old school fun. Luca had a ball, wading around in the kiddies pool, my back got completely roasted (note to self: after applying factor 50 to monkey, put some on yourself too!) and we will definitely be going back again soon. Apparently the Linden (closed for renovations until November 2010) and Blairgowrie public pools are nice too, so we’ll check them all out.

See what I mean about Rescue Remedy? Simply reminiscing about the past weekend makes me tired. Well, that and having to hit the damn space bar so hard!

Going to Salsa in Illovo tomorrow night for dinner with BFFs Murray, Lili & Roz and then having lunch at Wall Street in Sandton with the girls at work on Thursday – so lots of new places to see! Also, Dave is playing the Happy Valley Deepstack Tourney at the new hotel and casino this weekend – wish Monkey and I were going with – next time babe!!!

Taking Luca for his MMR tomorrow afternoon and I am dreading it. He is so much more of a little person than a baby now … he is NOT going to be impressed with me when I let the nurse jab him 😦 He’s also super busy, independent and frustrated at the moment. I can only imagine that not being able to clearly communicate what it is that you want/need must be incredibly annoying … but what is equally annoying is the constant moaning that comes with his frustration. What do YOU do when your toddler moans non-stop? Talk nicely to him/her? Pull your hair out? Drink copious amounts of chardonnay?

All I know is … my fingers are really sore from bashing away at this keyboard. Enough is enough. Over.

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