Put your breast foot forward!

Toodoo, has organised something amazing. Something different! Something that started as a rogue, flash-mob-marketing doohicky, organized between a couple of crazy gals with a desire to bring attention to an important topic for girls (and guys) all over the world!

This little doohicky is now a HUGE event, supported by the Breast Health Foundation, Sly Media, Bosom Buddies, and Pink Peddlers! Media has also taken a huge interest and the likes of Highveld Stereo, BizCommunity, PlaygroundSA, iAfrica and Publicity Update taking note of what the fabulous Sandra at Toodoo has set up for tomorrow evening! You go girl!!!

I don’t know about you, but I will be at the Mugg & Bean on 4th Avenue, Parkhurst at 17:30 tomorrow, to dash down the Parkhurst Village high street in my bra … all for a great cause: breast cancer awareness. I lost a very special person who was initially diagnosed with breast cancer, and I know that she would be proud of my efforts to raise awareness in such an entertaining way 🙂 Love you always Sally!

I foresee nervous giggles, followed shortly by raucous cackling as we all jiggle down 4th Avenue, with highly amused restaurant patrons staring in wonder!

Doesn’t it sound like something YOU want toodoo? I KNOW I DO!

On a more serious note – click here to visit The Breast Health Foundation for more info on all you need to know about YOUR breast health!


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