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So, a couple of weeks ago, Betty Bake suggested a blogger link up, in order to increase traffic to our websites by linking back to one another’s blogs. Not only is it a great idea to get more people to read your blog, but it also exposes you to all the other bloggers out there! I especially love reading mom-blogs … regardless of how experienced or inexperienced they are at being moms. New moms, old(er) moms, moms who find being a mom easy, those who find it a daily grind … everyone has a story to tell and blogs have become my favourite way of discovering new, like-minded people with really interesting stories. I also adore people with quirky taste and a distinct sense of humour, and I get the feeling that “Betty” from Betty Bake Blog is one of those people and I’m really looking forward to reading more of her posts.

Betty also mentions in her “About Me” section that her whole family is gluten-free – something I learnt a bit more about during my TV debut last week on Great Expectations with Sam Cowen. One of the other presenters on last week’s how-to show was Marinda Vivier from Meals 4 Zeal. Meals 4 Zeal offers allergen-free cooking workshops aimed initially at children aged 2 – 7 years old, more specifically at children with food intolerance or allergies, ADD or ADHD, poor concentration, mood swings or depression, respiratory diseases and general ill-health, weight fluctuations or over and underweight children. Meals 4 Zeal’s motto is “Tell me, I forget – show me, I remember – involve me, I understand!” which makes loads of sense, considering that children are much more likely to try new tastes and textures if they’ve been a part of the meal preparation. I know that with Luca, he’ll eat anything his Daddy’s eating … ANYTHING! So it’s definitely something worth checking out if you have a little fussy-eater on your hands, or your child is struggling with food-related allergies!

I have digressed from the initial task, which was blogging it forward 🙂

The second blog in my group was Babylicious Malaysia, who has subsequently dropped out of the link up as she is expecting her baby and is not exactly feeling on top of the world. You’re forgiven Babylicious Malaysia, and all the best for when your new bundle of joy arrives!

Number 3 is Hayley at Everything Inbetween. Hayley and I have a mutual friend on Facebook which makes me realize, once again, how small the world really is! At first glance (I have yet to delve into Hayley’s blog) Everything Inbetween follows a pretty similar format to my blog: it started out as an online album to keep far away friends and family updated on life in general and turned into a journal. I love that … normal people, writing about things that could seem mundane and “normal” to them, but provide insight into someone else’s life to someone else. Hayley also reminds me of my special friend Roz (yes Rozzie, I know you’re reading this!) who I think would enjoy reading Hayley’s blog too! Pop over and say hi!

Last, but definitely not least, is Shayne from My Creative Space. Shayne documents life in a photographically gorgeous way. From flowers to butterflies, sheep-shearing to Ben 10 cakes … Shayne sure looks like she’s one busy lady! Photography is a personal passion, so I look forward to getting loads of inspiration from Shayne’s creative space. Shayne also runs a cupcake businessCupcake Royale, one for you! 

So, that’s my bit (for now) for Blog it Forward. Do your bit for bloggers all over the world!


7 thoughts on “Blog it Forward

  1. This is a fab post my friend! Thanks for sharing! I’m inspired! But right now it’s off to bed for me…another busy day tomorrow! Love ya! xxxx

  2. Love Betty’s idea – now just need to do my BLog it Forward. And i’m off to check out Cupcake Royale!

    Going to sit and read and read and read this morning. Thanks for the Yummy Mummy exposure too.

  3. Hiya Nicki, Thanks so much for your awesome words about Meals 4 Zeal!! In fact, you’ve inspired me to start my own blog about my personal and our familiy’s journey on our quest of health through nutrition. Once I’m up and running I’ll certainly do my own Blog it forward 🙂
    (and might bug you for some tips on setting & jazzing up my site)

    P.S Checked out Betty Bake and LOVED it!

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