Monkey See, Monkey Do

Our little Luca has come to that phase in his little life where he mimics EVERYTHING. Particularly things that Dave, Beauty, other small kids and I do. He says “Toats!” (which obviously means ‘toast’), “Shoooooz” (you guessed it, ‘shoes’) and has started ‘counting’ from 1 to 4. He obeys (for now) all and any instructions we give him, from “Take this to Daddy” to “Dry your hands”, “Let’s go” [heads off confidently the back door of the car and tries to climb in] to “Brush your teeth!” He waves hello and goodbye to the Teletubbies, Fela the gardener, people driving past on his daily walks to and from the park. He takes in everything. I can almost see his little mind soaking up and processing every little thing going on around him. I can’t get enough of him …

On Saturday he watched our friends’ little boy Luke, pretend to use his Dad’s drumstick as a laser-beam (he’s a BIG Buzz Lightyear fan) by placing it in front of his eye and making the obligatory laser-beam sound effects … *peeeew peeeew* Luca watched intently for a moment and then happily marched along behind Luke, with the drumstick practically lodged in his eye.

So I guess this means we need to *seriously* watch what we say around our little monkey now? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Monkey See, Monkey Do

    • He is incredibly at the moment my friend! Drinking out of a cup all on his own, eating all by himself, obeying just about any request and just generally being a little person! Incredible!

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