A case of art imitating life …

On Friday afternoon, Dave and I went to watch “Life as We Know It”, starring Katherine Heigl as Holly Berenson and Josh Duhamel as Eric Messer, aka Messer. Now, Heigl is not exactly Hollywood’s darling at the moment, what with her controversial W magazine cover and her diva-like behaviour on the set of Grey’s Anatomy. Plus the initial reviews that I had read had not been great, not great at all. So, we walked into this not expecting too much. And, as is usually the case when you expect the worst, you get the best.


It’s essentially a rom-com, focussing on Holly and Messer’s odd and initially forced relationship after they become the adoptive parents of a baby girl whose parents die tragically in a car accident. But for me, it was more than just that. It was about two people, two completely non-baby-people, getting to grips with being parents. So much of this film rang true in my mind and Dave and I literally didn’t stop laughing at every little mishap and typical parenting experience that Holly and Messer found themselves dealing with. From the “Honey, you have shit on your face!” line, to Messer finding himself engrossed in Sophie’s kids TV show, “The Wiggles”.

I’m certainly not saying this film is for everyone. People who are not big fans of babies will probably think it’s the biggest crock and waste of money ever. But I loved it, and everyone and their aunty is entitled to their opinions – that’s the beauty of blogging!

I, however, loved each and every minute of it. It made me remember things about the first few months of Luca’s life that had faded in my memory and I cried for the full 114 minutes. I just know that all of my mommy friends would love it just as much as I did. In fact – watch it, and let me know what you thought?


3 thoughts on “A case of art imitating life …

  1. Yeah its a fun movie. I think some of the reviews were unduly harsh just cos its the in-thing at the moment to bash Heigl. Sorry but she never had any diva like behaviour on the set of Grey’s. It is just a total myth and completely untrue. Just because she expressed an opinion about the state of the writing in Season 4 and once moaned about a long working day – that doesn’t make her a bitch or a diva. She is just sometimes too honest for her own good. So tired of the press demonizing this woman who is actually one of the few genuine down to earth and nice stars in Hollywood.

  2. I’m glad to hear that the stories about her being a diva are false – I really loved her in LAWKI and in Grey’s. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan – just been reading so much bad press about her lately!

  3. I haven’t seen this but it’s def on my ‘to-see’ list. I love Katherine and like the fact that she takes no nonsense from anyone – hence her ‘diva’ status. Didn’t kkow about the cover tho – going to read up on that now!

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