World famous … at Werksmans :)

So, we have our intranet at work with a section called “On the Couch” which is a short interview conducted with a member of staff who is “interesting” or involved in or doing something unique and newsworthy. And guess what? I apparently fall within those requirements and was interviewed last week (mere days after we returned from the holiday from hell) by writer, Clairwyn Van Der Merwe for the December article!

Here it is, along with the picture that appeared with it … 🙂

Big news for little blog

Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can start their own blog these days. The question is: Will anyone care? In the case of ‘Life with Luca’ by Nicki Dadic over at Marketing, the answer is an emphatic yes.

What started out as a purely personal blog for friends and family overseas is growing much, much bigger. “Yesterday, I was just blown away,” says Nicki. “My little mom blog had 170 unique visits!”


Now let’s stop for a moment and put that into perspective. A quick Google search shows that amateur bloggers often get as few as five or six unique visits a day (and sometimes a week). Most would count themselves lucky to attract 70 unique hits in a single day. As for breaking through the 150-visit mark, it’s a feat that the average Joe Blogger dreams about.

As you’ll see when you visit her blog, the secret of Nicki’s success is a strong storyline, quirky writing style, interesting images and regular postings of new material.

It all revolves around Luca, Nicki’s 18-month-old son. This might not seem like the most fascinating topic but Nicki manages to make it riveting. Entertaining, fast paced and full of suspense, her blog is best described as the mommy’s version of Bridget Jones’s Diary.

“On Friday, 12 November, despite my rampant conjunctivitis, I excitedly packed for our long-awaited and much-deserved week-long holiday in Bloubergstrand,” she writes under the heading ‘Holiday? What Holiday?’ “Little did I know, I was walking straight into the gauntlet. The Boot Camp of Disastrous Holidays with a Sick and Constantly Miserable Toddler …”

To find out what happened, you’ll have to read the first episode, entitled ‘Day One’, for yourself. Let’s just say that Nicki’s holiday ups and downs give accident-prone Bridget Jones a run for her money.

“Things went wrong from minute to minute for the whole of November,” she tells On the Couch. “It was a horrendous, revolting month – an absolute debacle. But I did enjoy writing about how miserable it all was.”

By all accounts, not to mention the rising readership figures, her readers thrived on her disasters. “I suppose that’s what makes a blog interesting,” says Nicki. “If it’s all rainbows and butterflies all the time, it would get boring and people would get a bit sick of it.”

The same would probably happen if all she ever wrote about was Luca. While he is still the star of the show (this is a mom blog, after all), Nicki has broadened her view to include just about anything that catches her eye. Like brown and purple, for instance. That combination might sound dreary and muddy but as you’ll observe from the photographs Nicki has taken and posted, it’s really rather fetching.

Also adding to the variety are the reviews that Nicki has been doing on restaurants and kiddies’ play parks for the website ‘toodoo’ (an online guide for things to do in Johannesburg). Then there’s her blogroll of links to other blogs ranging from ‘Betty Bake’ and ‘Mom-101’ to the intriguingly named ‘Jou Ma Se Blerrie Blog’.

Meanwhile, Nicki has already appeared on live television. Earlier this year, Sam Cowen, presenter of e-tv’s Great Expectations, interviewed her for a 12-minute slot on the topic of being a mom blogger. She has also inspired at least three other people to start their own blogs.

So what’s next for Nicki? While keen to continue building her blog, she has no plans at this point to make money out of it. “I’m happy that people out there enjoy reading what I have to say but I think trying to make money out of it would ruin the fun. There would be too much pressure for me to get it done and that would ruin it for me.”

PS: I owe you days 3, 4 and 5 of the Cape Town debacle … will do a long post to be up this weekend!

6 thoughts on “World famous … at Werksmans :)

  1. And I can proudly say that I am one of those 170+ readers! And even though I’m 23 and have no intentions of being a Mom for many years to come, I still read each post and rate your blog as one of the top!

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