Thank you, Cilla Bloom

*You can now get hold of Celeste or Carina directly, via their Facebook page – Cilla Bloom Photography!

As much as I adore being behind the camera, I felt it was time to get in front of one, along with my two boys. Sorry, my man and my boy 😉

My good friend Celeste took these for us last Saturday at the Rose Garden in the botanical gardens in Emmarentia. It’s a gorgeous spot – as was obvious from the chaos of at least 10 wedding retinues, gathering around the fountains and ivy-covered nooks and crannies for romantic photo opportunities. I could have spent all afternoon watching them …

Celeste, who has started her photography studio, Cilla Bloom (Facebook page coming soon) is offering “quick” Christmas shoots. Fifteen minute shoots, especially for families with little babies or toddlers who aren’t likely to sit still for very long 🙂 Which was perfect for us … well, even with a “quick” shoot, we still had to distract Luca into sitting down for a minute by handing the iPhone to sweep through pictures of farm animals. Yes … he’s a techno-freak already. Oy.

Until Celeste’s Facebook page is up and running, send me your email address and I will send you contact details, should you want to get some gorgeous pictures of your family, just in time for Christmas. I don’t know WHY I waited SO long to get some done … believe me, DON’T WAIT!


10 thoughts on “Thank you, Cilla Bloom

  1. i absolutely love the pics nix. your little luca is growing so quickly.
    what a gorgeous family you have
    if i lived there, i would def make an appointment for her to take my family pics
    good luck with the new venture to her

  2. I’ve been wanting to have a quick family shoot, so this would be ideal. Please could you send me the details. I can’t believe how big our boys are getting, too cute. x

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