A little bird …

A couple of months ago, my special friend Roz sent me a link to sign up for these cute little daily motivational emails from The Brave Girls Club. I’m not usually one for “daily motivationals” or sporadic pep talks, but these emails seem to arrive with the perfect message each and every day. Like they’re talking to ME.

Yesterday’s mail, which I read a few minutes ago, is particularly fitting and goes a little something like this …

“Dear Soulful Girl,

All you can do is all you can do. There’s really nothing more that you can do, so fretting over things that you don’t have any more time, energy or resources to accomplish is only going to make things miserable when they don’t have to be. It’s time to slow down, sweet friend. It is ok.

When you have done all that you can, please let it be enough. This means, when you have done all that you can while also getting enough sleep, exercise and time to recharge…this doesn’t mean getting all that you can done with 2 hours of sleep, a meal at a drive-through and running as fast as you can everywhere you go….feeling miserable, strung out and cranky.

Life is as crazy and harried as we allow it to be. When we want to make things special for those we love, we need to remember that what they want most is US. They want time with us. They want us to feel good and to be in a good mood and to be present. They want happy memories that include us. Sometimes this means that we must simplify so that we do not fall apart. Some times this means we need to let go of our idea of perfection and just show up AS IS.

So, please sit down with yourself and be realistic. What is necessary and what is not? What is making you crazy and could be let go of? What do you want MOST to give? Prioritize and let some things go…it is ok. YOU matter. YOU are the best gift you can give. YOUR time, your heart, your words, your presence….THAT is the greatest gift.

You are so loved.

I feel like I am stressing about SO many things at the moment. Why is Beauty behaving so strangely? Will she come back from Escourt after her three weeks leave? What would I do without her? Will I cope when Luca starts playgroup in the new year? Will Luca cope at playgroup in the new year? Will being around other toddlers change his gorgeous personality? How am I going to balance work, studying and being a good enough mother for the next 18 months, as I try to finish my diploma in Marketing? When will I see my Dad again? Why does everyone have to live so far away? Will I be successful in my new adventures at work, delving into social media and more or less running and maintaining a website?

So many questions … so much to stress about.

But I think I may be am putting the car before the horse. I need to just chill … to let things happen. Nothing I over-think now, will make any difference to what happens in the future. I need to stop fretting. I need to deal with things one day at a time.

I just need to take a DEEP BREATH and chill.


5 thoughts on “A little bird …

  1. Definitely big deep breaths, and making a priority list really really helps!

    Work on the things you can change or deal with and look at the things that just might not ever be changed or helped and work with what you can.

    You are doing so well and you manage like a star! If I wasn’t so bloody far away we could go for a nice de-stress coffee!


    x x x

  2. “All you can do is all you can do” – I love this 🙂 Its so true!

    We get so stressed out about stressing out and regardless things have a way of working out!

  3. That email is amazing. So spot on for any and all mom’s. I think I should read that once a week. And just think… you probably don’t even remember what you were stressing about a month ago, I sure don’t. Praying all the new things 2011 holds for you are new paths of greatness.

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