The End

And so, 2010 draws to an end.

I always find it strange that the years just roll over into each other … I guess if I’d been on leave it would have been a little different, but working on 31 December and then straight back into “normality” from Monday 3 January 2011 doesn’t really allow for any kind of break in the years.

But, I have vowed that this will be the LAST time I work through December. I am, after all, a parent now … and most parents are off in December when the kiddies are all on school holidays. Yes, next year we will be somewhere close to the sea, having a braai on Christmas day with some family. NOT working. Or in Jo’burg.

I don’t have any set resolutions for the new year – bearing in mind that there is a lot I want to accomplish, I’m not putting any additional pressure on myself to stop any bad habits etc. Not that I really have anyway. I’m going to be so busy working, studying, dropping and fetching from school, making and packing lunch boxes, being a good wife and mother, that I won’t really have any time for any bad habits. But that’s good. I love being busy and find that I perform at my very best when I am under pressure.

2010 has been a great year for me:

Travelling [successfully!] with a baby

Luca and I rang in the new year with “Gran Gran”, Lol and Sam in chilly Ludlow – it was an awesome couple of days and I can’t wait for Aunty Lance to head over to deepest, darkest Africa in March 2011 … and again in December for a lovely coastal Christmas! πŸ™‚

Being a SAHM for 2 months

I spent a month at home in January with Luca, after resigning from my full-time job and being “unemployed” for two months from the beginning of December 2009. It was fun for a while, but being financially dependant on Dave was no fun and I was starting to develop a bit of a Desperate Housewive’s mentality … when you have nothing to do, your brain starts to make stuff up!

Working half-day

I then met an amazing Italian family, for whom I worked half-day for just over six months, from their exquisite mansion of a house in Westcliff, with their two gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgebacks as my colleagues the majority of the time. I will say that having two dogs for company was great, but I seriously missed being part of a team.

Back into the corporate world

I didn’t have to miss it for too long, as I soon found myself in a bit of a bidding war between Virgin Mobile and Werksmans Attorneys for a full-time position in July. The salaries and benefits were more or less equal and each job had its pros and cons, but what pushed me to Werksmans was the fact that I would no longer be in a “secretarial” role – my role as “Marketing Assistant” meant that I was finally moving away from what I had been doing for the last 9 years. Since starting my job here, I have also taken on LOADS of new responsibilities, thanks to a boss who obviously sees potential and promise in me … I am not afraid to say, out loud, that I really love my boss. I’m super lucky and love every minute of my job! Not hard for me now that I am in charge of the website and the social media, which we will be launching mid-January. Can’t wait!


My little boy turned ONE! On the 25th of May 2010, I looked at my little by (who was not yet walking and only had 5 teeth) and wondered where the time had gone. Six months and eight teeth later, he’s a walking (running), talking (mummy, daddy, baba, “Twiggy”, Grampa, ball, more, NO!, “sit down”), independent, fiercely defiant little toddler, starting playgroup in 12 days time. Now I’m really sitting here, shaking my head and wondering if perhaps I’ve blinked for too long and missed the last half a year? Seriously, when *they say that time flies when you have kids, *they certainly aren’t exaggerating.

Luca takes on the great iPhone vs BlackBerry debate

“Roughing it”

Dave and I spent our first (well, my first) weekend away from Luca, at the incredible Camp Jabulani where we were treated like royalty. Its the kind of place you will only ever go to once, if you’re lucky. I ummed and aahed about going for ages (in hindsight, I have NO idea why) because I was worried about Luca. He was obviously perfectly fine in the very capable hands of his Uncle Ivan, Aunty Nicole and the every present Gogo aka Beauty. We had the most amazing experience and its something I will NEVER forget. Thank you, Jabulani.

Really roughing it

We had possibly THE worst holiday in the universe. I had conjunctivitis, which Luca managed to contract just as the plane touched down in Cape Town. His ear infection reared its ugly, painful head again, along with a sore throat. The meds we got from the Blaauberg Netcare Hospital were so (necessarily) strong that he ended up projectile vomiting and (TMI alert) literally shooting poo everywhere. Loyal readers will know that I only documented days one and two of this disastrous trip and there is a reason for that. I found that when we got home (early) from CPT, I was very negative and on the verge of depression. Harping on about how SHIT the holiday had been only seemed to make my mood worse, so I decided to chalk it down to experience and move on. So, you will not hear another word of said revolting “holiday”. Ever.

December’s been a busy month too – seriously can’t believe that Christmas has come and gone. It was a great couple of days, although I missed my own family so very much. Being on opposite corners of the globe sucks more than anything I can imagine. I miss you and love you all soooo much.

2011 is going to be a rocker. Studying, working, Luca growing up and TURNING TWO (must start making BIRTHDAY PARTY PLANS!!!), plus a few other little things that I’m going to keep to myself for now πŸ˜‰

I hope that you all have a wonderful New Years Eve – drive safe, party hard and TAKE PICTURES! πŸ™‚

*Who are “they”?

12 thoughts on “The End

  1. You sound like a very “I have it all figured out and under control kinda girl” – something I know nothing about. LOL

    All the best for the year without….. and say hello to my favourite attorney in the word Mr Kevin T.

  2. Looooove the revamp! Such an exciting way to enter 2011 as far as your blog is concerned. Sounds like, otherwise, you’re going to be one busy girl this year. Thanks for sharing your reflection with all of us.

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