Things I learnt whilst speeding through this week at 100 miles an hour …

1. I am one of those moms. The one who does the “ugly cry” after dropping her child off at school for the first time. Yes, I sobbed as I walked away from the school. I sobbed on the way to work. Sobbed in the office and again when I fetched him, just 4 hours later.

2. I am one of those moms. The one whose office looks like a children’s classroom: walls covered in pictures of unidentified, glittery blobs, beetle-car calendars and photograph upon photograph of her child on every available space on her pin-board.

3. Luca is one of those kids. He is going to be effortlessly cool, confident and full of quirky character. When we dropped him off on day 2 he put down his suitcase and walked out into the playground by himself, embarking on his own little adventure.

4. I work really well under pressure. This week has been intense: meeting after meeting, urgent requests and more, all while I was rushing out to fetch Luca from school at lunch time, getting a FLAT TYRE and registering to complete my diploma. But today, right at the very end of the week, someone thanked me for being so efficient and so helpful. It made my week.

5. I LOVE my iPhone. When I first got it and packed my BlackBerry away in my bag, I felt guilty, like I’d betrayed phone. But the apps, the incredible photo quality, phone+iPod combo … I can honestly say that I don’t miss my BlackBerry one bit. I’m using wunderlist, an awesome task management tool which is really helping me keep track of all the stuff that I have going on at the moment. Thanks for the heads up on this great app, Exmi at Girl Guides 🙂 But most of all, I LOVE Hipstamatic and, now, Instagram …

6. I have definitely found where I want to be in terms of my career. Wow. Its only taken me like, 13 years to figure this one out! I love what I’m doing at work on our website and, soon, our social media. It makes sense: I LOVE blogging, I love the internet, I like seeing results fast. I have learnt SO much over the past few months, from Alice at the office and from the good people at Quirk. I’ve learnt a lot already and look forward to learning LOADS more!

7. I am a TOTAL light-weight. Two glasses of wine and one Patron and I am [wo]man down. Gone are the days when I could drink till I couldn’t stand any more. I like it though … cheap date?

8. I can’t seem to compile or complete a list of anything longer than 7 items right now. Good night!


5 thoughts on “Things I learnt whilst speeding through this week at 100 miles an hour …

  1. I was desperate for a blackberry last year so I got one and soon after D got an iPhone – I should have waited!

    My desk also has way too much kids stuff stuck on and around it – even arb stuff like a tracing of their finger (just one) when they were at the office with me!

  2. I managed not to cry (much) the first few times I dropped The Kid off at school. it’s getting better and easier. No tears this morning. Just a wave goodbye and a “see you later, mommy”. Which made me very happy.

    Glad to see you guys are adjusting well – and wishing you the best of luck for the work year, too!

    • Thanks lady 🙂 Glad its going well for you and the Kid too! His school looks rad, with the rabbits and whatnot! Here’s to a great year for you and your family too! X
      PS: Here’s also to us possibly MEETING this year? 😉 x

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