Monday Night

Don’t you feel a huge sense of relief when Monday night rolls around? I know I do. Especially after a weekend like this.

Thursday night at 22:40, saw David and I [attempting to] calm a very hot, uncomfortable and sick baby. I’d woken to screaming and run straight into his room to find him, covered in regurgitated cheesy pasta, the room filled with the unmistakable stench of vomit. Not a great start. The rest of the weekend was spent administering suppositories (not fun when they’ve figured out exactly what it is that you’re doing), giving loads of cuddles, being extremely patient with a trying toddler and finally, seeing him almost 100% recovered on Sunday afternoon.

I escaped on Saturday morning for my darling friend, Murray’s birthday brunch at Tasha’s in Atholl and had what could easily have been two of the best cappuccinos I’ve ever had. In my life. It could also just have been that I was exhausted and was in desperate need of caffeine, in any manner or form. No, it was good.

I then fetched one of my oldest (South African) friend and her gorgeous baby girl, Ellie, to head over to a baby shower. Luca came along as he seemed to be better, but I thought he would still be chilled enough to sit on my lap while we sipped on tea and casually watched Lucy opening her gifts. Yes, no. I spent the entire afternoon chasing Luca around the (gorgeous, Westcliff) house, with an uncovered pool posing an ongoing risk, requiring me to be on my feet at all times. After the shower we spent some time with Stace and Ellie at Stacey’s folks’ house and I took some pictures of this beautiful little girl. I have missed my Sony baby so much and I loved the pics I got … what do you think?

I Skyped my sister on Saturday night. She has lost almost 20kg and is looking INCREDIBLE and I am so freakin’ proud of you! I literally don’t know how I am going to remain patient for the next 80 days until you get here!!!

On Saturday night we got up to date on our new favourite show, Big Bang Theory. Leonard’s just the cutest nerd ever and Dr Sheldon Cooper has us in stitches every episode 🙂

“*Knock knock knock* Penny *knock knock knock* Penny *Knock knock knock* Penny” Hahahahaha!!! Click here for Sheldon’s top 5 knocks 🙂

Also, I LOVE the fact that Mayim Bialik is in season 4 … remember her from the TV show “Blossom“? I idolised her sometime during 1991 and 1995, and literally behaved and dressed like her for a good year or so. Huge hats, baggy dresses and all.

And on a not so fun note, I start lectures tomorrow night. Bleurgh. I am trying to see the up side of this: David and Luca get to spend quality alone time together on Tuesday and Thursday nights and at the end of all of this I am able to do more, be more and earn more. It’s 18 months of hard work, but it’s for the greater good of my family. Just. Got. To. Keep. Telling. Myself. That.

Anyway … how was your weekend?


8 thoughts on “Monday Night

  1. Poops, you have managed so so so incredibly well! I am in awe of you and how you can manage to get everything organised, do your work and be a mum…

    An inspiration to us all!

    And your photography is outstanding – a talent I really think you should explore!

    Love you xxxx

  2. Firstly, love the pics! Secondly, glad Luca is better.
    Third, how did your sis lose 20kg? Fourth, I loved Mayim Bialik. I
    also wanted to be her, and her floral hats. What happened to the
    rest of the cast? Do you remember her as the young Bette Midler in
    Beaches? (Omg – I’ve asked so many question)

    • Joey Lawrence … oh I was IN LOVE with him!

      My sister lost her weight (still losing) on a programme called Lighter Life (correct me if I’m wrong here Poops) and has done INCREDIBLY well! She is almost 6 foot tall, gorgeous and a skinny-malinks!

      And THANKS 🙂

  3. Ah man sick babas are not fun! Glad it seemed to pass quickly!

    WOOT for your sister – HUGE respect for people who get that kind of weight loss right!!!! WELL DONE TO HER!

    Big Bang Theory is the BEST. In the first trimester when I couldnt move I lay on my bed one sunday and watched every episode of every series David could download! LOVE IT!

  4. Gorgeous pics and so proud of you for coping with everything on your plate my friend! You are one heck of a woman!!! Good luck for lectures tonight! I know you will do great!

    • Thanks my friend! Missing you xxx

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