Statistically Speaking …

… tonight went pretty well!

I took in (I’m loathe to say “understood” just yet) 80% of what the lecturer had to say. He is very Scottish, so I understood the words he said, but not all of the theory he tried to impart on us. I’ll get there.

I only felt about 20% of the maternal guilt that I thought I would feel, at leaving Luca alone tonight. I say “alone” but that is the possibly the poorest choice of words I think I have ever used. What I mean is that I wasn’t with Luca. He was in the very capable hands of his Daddy, who fed, bathed and put the little Monkey to bed. Good job Baby Shoes!

I think (I am yet to do any actual research, but as a mother, one knows) that my child is a genius. My friend Stacey, who is a teacher, agrees. Luca was 20 months today. At 20 months, he is able to do these little wooden puzzles from Snookums, without so much as a problem. I mean, he puts TWO puzzles next to each other, mixes all the pieces up together, and one-by-one, correctly places each and every piece in place. He does it thoughtfully – I can see how he’s considering where to place each piece. AMAZING. But not surprising considering how smart his mum and dad are? 😉


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