Oh the places you’ll go!

I won’t comment or add to this post … this is literally copied and pasted from an email I received from Lesley, Luca’s playgroup ‘teacher’:

Hi Nicki
I hereby email you the roster of our weekly themes.  As I explained when you visited our school – for the ‘babies’ the themes don’t mean much in their little lives, but for the’biggies’, it means the world.
As for your little Luca settling – well – I have  to congratulate you and your husband – you have raised a very secure, very confident little person and that is why he has settled so beautifully.  So you and your husband must  take the credit for Luca settling so quickly and he really seems to be enjoying ‘school’.
Lots of love to you all.
The perfect ending to an amazing weekend …

10 thoughts on “Oh the places you’ll go!

  1. Hi Nicki, Your baby blogs are very sweet. However, I did
    have a chuckle reading this one. You see, I am a mom of three, and
    I thought you should know that all Nursary School reports are like
    that. I’m sure Luca is precious, but he’s clearly your first. 😉
    email me if you need more tips or advice. Cheers babe,

    • Er, hi Gill. Thanks for raining on my parade! Yes, he is my
      first and although I was extra proud when I read this email, I was
      not at all surprised. My child is VERY confident and very secure,
      all because of the hard work that my husband and put into raising
      him. Also, it wasn’t a report – it was a response to an email where
      I had asked the school to mail me a roster of themes as well as to
      thank them for obviously doing a great job as Luca is loving school
      and has developed in leaps and bounds since starting. Maybe all of
      your 3 kids are the same and their school reports come back with exactly the
      same feedback every time but I am confident that our’s does not.
      You have yourself a great evening.

  2. I agree NIx, I doubt that a teacher would reel out the same information about the children in the nursery, if she felt the need to say it, I am positive that she meant it… Not just a generic “your baby is doing well” remark.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or your third child, being proud of them and getting responses like this are amazing. You are an amazing Mum and do an amazing job and raising Luca, whilst working very hard and studying… A true inspiration!

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