Thanks, little birdie.

I’ve mentioned before that I subscribe to a cute, peppy little newsletter from a website called The Brave Girls Club.

Today’s email arrived when I needed it most, as it often does. In the blackest of moods (and the blackest of outfits, as it happens), I needed a little pep talk. Thanks little birdie, you’re pretty darn smart.

Dear Unique Girl,

The very thing that may make you stand out, make you feel peculiar, and maybe even sometimes a little bit like an outcast — is probably the thing in your life that will have the most impact on others, as well as yourself.

If you are different, embrace it. If you stand out from the crowd, stand a little taller.

If your message is new and strange, shout it from the rooftops.

Most history-making, life-improving, world-beautifying people were the people who were thought of as strange, bold, and peculiar.

You are one of those amazing big-souled, incredibly brave wonder-women. Of course you stand out from the crowd!

And we are so thankful that you do.

Keep shining, you beautiful soul.


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