A tragic, pre-Valentines post

Those of you on Twitter could not have missed the tragedy that struck late yesterday afternoon.

A light aircraft, carrying the CEO of Italtile and 8 of his colleagues, crashed after attempting to land in extreme conditions in the Cape. I was connected, by a couple of degrees of separation, to one of the people on that plane. He was the husband of a Facebook friend – a friend whom I have never met, but who has similar interests to me and regularly visits the *Mommalicious Facebook page.

I followed Lara’s Facebook posts from late yesterday afternoon, when she tried to get hold of him via the social network when his phone kept going straight to voicemail. I read the comments and posts of support, prayers offered and sympathy when, eventually, her status announced his tragic death.

She is the mother of two beautiful boys … and is now without her partner and the father of her children. RIP Jody and my deepest sympathies and condolences to Lara and her boys. Although I have experienced a great loss myself in the past, my heart simply cannot comprehend how you must be feeling right now.

This tragedy has also been a reminder of how lucky I am to have David in my life. So here we go …

Mushy-loved-up-section Alert!!!

Babe, I love you with all of my heart and while we may have moments where we’d fancy tearing each other’s heads off, what’s important is that we love, respect and have each other. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you in my life. You are an amazing father, a supportive and loving husband and an all-round great person.

You’re also smart with money which is good, because if I was in charge of the finances, we’d be flat broke and still living in our teeny townhouse in Weltevreden Park. Probably with Twiggy still living in the loft, to help pay the rent šŸ™‚

Your’s always … HP

*Mommalicious Mammas has created a “Help Lara” page on their website, for donations or just words of support.

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