What’s been going on?

Aside from my Wordless Wednesday this week, a post dedicated to my late mum and my rant about a stupid comment I came across on Facebook, I’ve been pretty quite in terms of my little blog … so I thought I’d give you a little run down of where I’m at right now:

  • I definitely have some similar symptoms to my first pregnancy: feeling utterly exhausted most of the time and sleeping like the dead at night as well as strange hormonal pimples on my back which only seem to get better if I “sun” them. I do however, have one new and unfamiliar symptom: nausea. Yuck. I am not a good vomiter – I turn into (an even more dramatic) a real drama queen, crying and generally feeling very sorry for myself. Luckily I haven’t actually thrown up. Yet. But I do have a constant underlying sense of queasiness, that I have to swallow all of the time for fear of my mouth filling up with saliva. Sorry, a bit of an overshare there, but it’s the truth. Ginger biscuits just make me want to braak even more. Sweet things DEFINITELY make me feel ill, so I’m doing all I can to avoid anything sweet. Which is probably a good thing anyway 🙂 Also, my nails are growing REALLY fast and are super strong! Bonus!


  • Luca is just getting WAY too smart … in the best way possible. He’s really talking now, with his range of words expanding by the day. New favourites include “mine”, “Beanie”, “book”, “draw”, “jump”, “uh oh!” (a la Teletubbies) and more. He is also 100% capable of naming each and every body part, from the top of his head, all the way down to his toes. Hi Dad’s taught him “totti”, which he thinks is hilarious. I must agree, the way he annunciates it does make me giggle 🙂 – He’s also not been sick *touch wood* in ages, which I think is due to the antihisthamines he’s been on since we saw his paed at the beginning of this month. We go back early in April for a follow up, so hopefully his ears have improved!


  • We had our first scan of #themole last week Wednesday 🙂 He/she was only 6 weeks and 3 days along, not 8 weeks as the bloods had provided. But, what’s really cool about that is that my sister will be here for the next (13 week) scan! SO EXCITED! What’s even more exciting is the idea of finding out #themole’s sex at the following scan, late in May … just before Luca’s second birthday!


  • Speaking of birthdays … I’ve decided that Luca’s party is DEFINITELY going to be indoors this year. His party at River Café last year was divine, but the sudden rain storm forced everyone under the covered patio and was a bit of a squash. So I’m looking at Yeesh! or maybe Jimmy Jungles. I have heard that there is also a new indoor play area at Lifestyle Garden Centre too, so I may check that out as an option. As for theme, I’m thinking of using CeeBeebies’ “Little Robots” as inspiration. I look forward to hearing what my favourite cake creator, Candice, has to say about this!


  • Luca and I were invited to join a couple of other amazing bloggers for a shoot for Living & Loving! We’re to be included in the May issue of the magazine, in a feature about mom bloggers … and I’m SUPER excited to see the end result! Luca was a proper charmer at the shoot, realy charismatic and playing to the camera. Thanks so much to Tanya for including us! Check out some of the blogs of the other moms who were included: Dear Max, Exmi, There’s a Lionheart in our Bathtub [LOVE this blog], The Jackson Files, So Close and Many Things I Am.
  • I am counting down the days till my sister visits us … for 3 glorious (but very busy) weeks! We have all sort of things planned: from a weekend away to Tom & Merle’ farm in Hoedspruit, to another photoshoot with the incredible Cilla Bloom Photography. It’s going to be amazing … and I literally cannot wait!
  • We have next to nothing planned for this long weekend. On Sunday I’m meeting up with a couple of mom friends at my happy place and then popping out to Trés Jolie for Celeste’s birthday. But other than that, I plan on spending as much time as possible with my boys. And watching as many episodes (reruns) of Glee as one Gleek can handle. DAMN I love that show! Watch this and tell me how you COULDN’T love it!?

And you? What have *you* been up to lately?


5 thoughts on “What’s been going on?

  1. Hey hun! I had the same nausea (no vomiting) for the first 3 months of pregnancy. I think that it could possibly be worse than actual vomiting!

    What really worked for me was Vomifene, pregnancy friendly nausea tablets!

  2. Nausea was one of the real downsides of being pregnant for me. I hope it eases soon!

    You should also consider Bambanani for the party. It’s a great indoor and outdoor play area and the venue is devine 🙂

    • Thanks Fiona! I do love Bambanani but find that it’s always too packed…will give it some more thought! Thanks for your comment – nice to find a blog I’ve not read yet! Your kids are too gorgeous!

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