The words that got away …

Following on from Tanya’s post this morning – here are *ALL of the questions that I answered for the Living & Loving bloggers feature:

*(Tanya explained that the art director won the creative war in this case, with the GORGEOUS pictures taking preference over the many questions that each of us mom-bloggers answered. I won’t lie – the pictures are beautiful, so I’m almost glad it worked out this way! It means that I get a whole extra blog post out of it too!)

Your name and kid’s name and age?

Luca Jack Dadic, born 25 May 2009 (will be 2 in May)

Your blog URL and domain? – WordPress

What do you blog about?

My life (or lack thereof in some instances), my little boy’s developments, my developments (yes, we do still grow and learn as adults!), exciting things (being interviewed as a mommy-blogger for Living & Loving!), sad things (still feeling the effects of losing my mum 10 years ago), places I go (spending a weekend at the ultra-luxurious Camp Jabulani), people I see, things I do …

Do you work, and if so, where and as what?:

I do! I work full-time in the marketing department at Werksmans Attorneys in Sandton. I manage the firm’s website and social media platforms, the corporate gift catalogue and marketing collateral for clients and sports events, assist the CMO and generally be the best I can be! I’m an over-achiever like that 🙂

When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging when I was around 5 months pregnant – at about the same time I started to feel Luca kick and move around in my belly. Back then, Luca wasn’t Luca though – he was Tadpole for a while, and then when we decided on his name being Luca, it was extended (yes, extended) to Luca-Bazooka-Noodlefingers-Dadic. Don’t ask! I started blogging to document his growth and development in utero, so that my family and friends scattered all over the world, could watch him (and me!) grow.

When do you blog, and with what laptop/computer/phone etc?

I generally blog at home, in the evenings, on my MacBook. But I have been known to sneak in a quick lunchtime post at work, from my iPhone’s WordPress app.

What do you get out of blogging?

Writing, for me, is a great outlet. So I’d say that I get many hours of free therapy, from blogging. I am not a fan of confrontation, so I often take to scribbling down notes or drafting short letters when I feel overly emotional or just unable to actually talk to someone about what’s going on in my head. I wrote poems from a young age, and I still have a book full of them, along with little sketches. All I will tell you about those poems is that I was definitely suffering from teenage angst … they’re all quite dark and twisty 🙂

Will you let your kids read your blog one day?

Absolutely! I started this blog for Luca and, although I deviate from blogging about parenthood at times, it is essentially there for him.

Have any of your blogs ever got you into trouble, or have you had a most controversial blog post?

I wouldn’t say that a post has ever gotten me into trouble or under the spotlight of controversy, but I have been pretty honest in a couple of posts. I described my “baby blues” in great detail in my post entitled “THE THIRD DAY BLUES ARE REAL!”, as well as my bullet-point birth story in “Cold tea, soggy toast … I’m a mum!”. Like I said, not controversial – but pretty darn honest!

What was the blog post you most regret?

I regret nothing! The post entitled “When I was an (apparently) angst-ridden teenager …” is, however, embarrassing and cringe-worthy. So I’m sure I’ll regret letting you publish the post title and therein directing your readers to it, who will all have a good laugh at my expense 🙂

Do you blog 100 percent honestly, or do you bear in mind that your colleagues/family etc will read it?

I am very aware of who my readers are. I know that many of my close friends, colleagues and family members read what I write and I do think long and hard before I push the big red (blue) “PUBLISH” button.

What is the one thing you won’t blog about?

My relationship with my husband, or anything seriously “private”. Yes, I realise that by putting myself online, be it on my blog, Facebook or Twitter, I am opening myself up to public criticism and comment, but there are definitely things I won’t write about.

Do you have advice for wannabe or current bloggers?

Write from the heart and post pictures! There’s literally nothing more boring than a blog with no “life”!

What is the one blog you can’t live without (aside from your own)?

Every morning, I wait with baited breath and coffee in hand, for my RSS feed on Lucky Pony to refresh. This gorgeous blog is posted by Jozi cafe Wolves owner, Angie. She is quirky and cute and her posts always have me in giggles. Plus I’ve won a few goodies in the competitions she runs from time to time and she really does stock great stuff in her shop, from jewellery and magazines to coffee and CUPCAKES!

What do you think makes a good blog?

Humour, honesty, wit and PICTURES! I can’t reiterate it enough … make your blog pretty and you’ll have me begging for more 🙂

What do you hope people will get out of your blog i.e. entertainment/education, or are you simply blogging for you?

I blog for myself first and for others, second. I LOVE comments on my blog … people, if you visit a blog and enjoy a post, comment on it! Bloggers are people who want their posts read, to get feedback and comments. What other reason is there really, besides that, for posting your own personal diary online?

What is the one thing you’d love to blog about, but can’t/wont?

Honestly, this question has me stumped. Anything I’d want to blog about, I would blog about. Except maybe … I’d be more honest about how I feel about the loss of my mum ten years ago. But I’m the kind of person who likes people to think I’m happy all the time,  not how sad I am that the world is such a big place and we’re all so damn far apart.

Have you made real-life friends/connections through the blogosphere?

For sure! I started reading Exmi’s blog AGES ago, before I’d started up my blog. Not sure how I happened upon it, but I loved her dry sense of humour and complete and utter honesty. I feel like I know her a bit, although I’m only actually meeting her now (not for a lack of trying to meet, as it happens … being moms keeps us busy!), at this shoot! (This never materialised either … doh!)

If you had to blog about Living & Loving, what would the blog post be called?

“What did moms do in the years before the the Baby Bible (a.k.a Living & Loving)???”

What are your other hobbies?

Devouring great movies, slowly reading good books [this takes time, now that I have a little person who requires LOTS of attention], drinking lots of [strong] coffee, running (occasionally) and

What did your last Facebook status say?

“Nicki Dadic thinks that, today, she’ll be a devil in her red dress”

What did your last Tweet say?

“So the first lecture went well. Didn’t feel the mom-guilt that I thought I would and felt like I really used my noggin. Yay me :)”

The last SMS/BBM/Whatsapp message you received said:

“Thank goodness it’s payday tomorrow! There’s literally nothing left at the bottom of the barrel!”

Thats it! Now, go and buy the magazine and check out the other awesome blogs that are featured!


7 thoughts on “The words that got away …

  1. Hi Nicki, I am a new reader via both L&L and comments you’ve posted on a couple of blogs that I read.

    I’ve enjoyed the few posts I’ve read so far and am sure I’ll continue to do so! I don’t comment lots, but do sometimes 🙂

    I have a nearly 15 month old daughter, and work part time from home.

    Best wishes

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