Toddler Tastes

Further to Tanya’s post yesterday on Max’s recurring Fling binges when he will eat nothing else :), I received an email from my dear friend Roz a while ago (and again this morning, thanks Cola!) with a link to a website called Toddler Tastes.

Now, Luca’s generally a great eater. Well, he eats what HE likes and this DOES NOT INCLUDE VEGETABLES. None at all! In fact, see “exhibit A” below. I’d made him fish, chips and veggies (all of which were frozen ingredients, bad mommy!) and had placed them all jumbled up into one bowl, in an effort to get him to eat some of the peas, carrots and corn mix.

Similar to his father, however, he managed to eat every last chunk of fish and each crunchy chip … leaving behind EVERY green, orange and yellow morsel. Obviously.

I have one “homemade” dish that seems to aid in getting a few greens down his throat: mini pasta shells, diced (frozen) pumpkin, a little bit of the peas, corn and carrot mix and a triangle of Melrose cheese, to completely disguise the taste of anything grown from the earth 🙂

But that gets boring, no? So I go the Woolworths or Pick ‘n Pay kids meals route – which is cool, but 90% of their offerings do not contain any vegetables! In fact, I think the cottage pie is the only meal (from both Woolies & PnP) that contains a vegetable!

That’s where Toddler Tastes piqued my interest. Their meal options include:

“Shane’s Shimmering Tuna Pasta” (tuna, onion, tomatoes, peas, mixed herbs, pasta)

“Bella’s Brilliant Broccoli and Fish Pie” (haddock, hake, onion, butter, flour, milk, cheddar cheese, broccoli, cauliflower,  potatoes)

“Aaron’s Amazing Vegetable Lasagne” (butternut, carrot, courgette, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, sweetcorn, onion, brown lentils, tomatoes, fresh mixed herbs, vegetable stock, pasta sheets, butter, flour, milk, cheddar cheese)

They all sound MUCH more appealing than “Mum’s Bland Pasta Shells With Cheesy, Mushy Pumpkin”, thats for sure!

Check out all of the meals available here.

So, I’m going to give them a call at the end of the month, order Luca a couple of these delicious looking meals and see how he takes it! Could this be an end to my war with broccoli?! I sure hope so … because Spur vanilla milkshakes and one’s own toenails definitely aren’t very nutritious!

11 thoughts on “Toddler Tastes

  1. Sounds like an adventure for sure. Do give us an update. I have a 7mnth old and I’m already not sure what’s ok to give at this stage? Any advice wld be gr8. Soon gonna run out of chicken bones to chew

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