A [very] quick update.

Today was Luca’s 2nd birthday party – and he had an absolute ball. I had kept him home for most of this week after he’d started showing signs of flu. What a good idea – I double dosed him on Viral Choice, morning and night, as a vitamin boost. We bought a cool air humidifier (and “ionizer”) which seemed to help loads.

We got one for our room too, as I’ve been waking up with a dry throat due to night-time mouth-breathing (something I remember doing the first time I was pregnant too) and I’m going to test it out in our room tonight. Which might be right after I’ve clicked “Publish” on this post – I am POOPED.

We were up at sparrow’s yesterday to get everything done for the party today. I say “everything” and I am not exaggerating. I had done nothing for the party (besides making the booking with Yeesh! and giving my sister instructions for the invitations) before yesterday, which meant the Dadics were on a mission!

Our first stop was at Fournos in Dunkeld, to place an order for 3 platters for the adults attending the party. I will openly admit to buying food – I am not and (sorry babe) do not aspire to be a domestic goddess, so Fournos it was. That place is a MADHOUSE on a Saturday morning – people queueing for tables, buying boxes of croissants, gingerbread men, muffins and pastas. It was worth the madness though, and we eventually placed our order for the food. Which was AMAZEBALLS. Nuff said. Obviously, being the Dadics, no trip out of the house is complete without some sort of drama. Yesterday morning’s drama involved being parked in at the Dunkeld Centre parking lot by some MORON (who ended up being a silly old lady) who parked illegally. Dave couldn’t get the car out of the parking spot, no matter which way he tried. I grabbed the (really nice) lipstick that I got free with my Glamour magazine and wrote a couple of expletives on the front and driver’s side window, before Dave FINALLY managed to SQUEEEEEZE past this stupid woman’s car. The security guards also clamped her wheel and as we were driving off towards Jan Smuts, I saw the woman yelling at the security guards. Seriously, she thought she had something to be pissed off about?!

We then headed off to Westpack, a “plastics and more” kinda spot at the Lifestyle Garden Centre, which was filled with the most inbred looking bunch of folk I have EVER seen. I’ll leave it at that. Yes. Then we trekked over to the Pro Shop in Woodmead, where Dave bought Luca the cutest little set of golf clubs ever! They’re called “Little Tigers” and the set includes a wood, an iron and a putter, as well as a mini-version of a proper golf bag, stand and all! LOVE IT!


We also found Spongebob Squarepants golf balls … and HAD  to have them! Luca just about lost his marbles in the golf store and we had to drag him out of there, kicking and screaming! Finally, we nipped next door to Toyzone, where we bought the rest of his prezzies from Mum & Dad: two sets of Toy Story Lego and a little Man United school bag.

Back home, Luca passed out (more on his latest sleeping habits in a sec) and, after I sat down for a QUICK (5 minute) chill, I headed back out to Hyde Park to pop into Pick ‘n Pay for the kids’ table snacks and party-pack fillers. A huge Woolies Cafe cappuccino got me through it and eventually I got back home and chilled on the couch. But not for long! My party-pack helpers (Ivy, Nicole and Murray) arrived and M & I headed off to Candice to collect Luca’s Gru cake and Minion cupcakes. Confused? Watch “Despicable Me”!

But yes, you get the picture? This weekend has been INSANE. And considering I wrote [the dreaded] stats on Wednesday morning, I’m pretty chuffed to have made it out alive! I don’t feel so “alive” at the moment though: last night I hardly slept. I remember struggling with sleep much later on when I was pregnant with Luca. Last night I tossed and turned with an aching upper-back and a continuously full bladder. I couldn’t get comfortable and just didn’t get much sleep at all.

What has improved a hell of a lot, thankfully, is Luca’s sleeping habits! Just over two weeks ago, we were having a NIGHTMARE of a time with him at bed time. He would resist sleep, scream in his cot after I’d put him down (previously he would drink his milk bottle and happily pop off to bed, still somewhat awake and just fall asleep on his own). We had resorted to letting him either stay awake as long as he could, or let him sleep in our bed. Which is NO fun. I’d love it if he’d just snuggle in bed, but he’s a kicker. And a mover. And a “sit up bolt upright in the middle of the night”-er. Not fun at all! Anyway, he’d started to get congested the day before his birthday this week and I asked Beauty not to give him a milk bottle before his afternoon nap. She’d reported back that it had gone well and that he’d happily nodded off to sleep after a couple of sips of black Rooibos tea. That night I tried the same and was nervous about it … he obviously sensed my nervousness and had a little bit of a cry when I put him down. Nothing serious though, and after 5 minutes, he was out. The rest of this week has been a dream! Eery night he has just had a sip or two of his Rooibos from a mug, gives us each a kiss goodnight and then lets me pop him into his cot, wide awake and we don’t hear a peep out of him until 7-ish the next morning. I know it’s a cardinal sin (spoken or unspoken) to speak of good sleeping habits, as mentioning it is enough to bring it to a grinding halt. But I’m going to take my chances here. After his party today, I took him out of the car and lay him down in his cot, where he promptly fell back to sleep and remained in that state for just over two hours! It’s strange, because it all seems to coincide with how much he seems to have grown up in the last couple of days. From not knowing what to do with his birthday cake candles at playgroup on Wednesday, to blowing them out more than once today. From drinking 150ml of milk at nap/bed time to sipping BLACK TEA from a MUG at BED TIME and going to bed WILLINGLY and WIDE AWAKE, our little baby really has turned into a little boy! It’s scary but amazing all at once.

I’m so proud. And so … so tired.

Until we meet again, good night and sleep tight! x


8 thoughts on “A [very] quick update.

  1. I love your posts!!! Luca and Dominic are so close in age and I just relate so well to what you say….beautiful blog!!

  2. Keena is exactly the same as Luca [was] in regards to sleep! When we have rough patches with them, people always ask me why I don’t just stick her in the bed with us but it’s freaking impossible! She tosses n turns and mutters and does the sitting up, sometimes standing up thing- it’s ridiculous! anyways… so glad he’s grown out of it and you’re enjoying a nice patch:)

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