It pays to tweet …

… and to interact on Facebook and read (and comment on) blogs!

The online world is considered a time-waster for some “old-school” types, but since joining the world of Facebook in 2006/7, starting this blog over two years ago and more recently, Twitter, just over a year ago, I’ve been exposed to the benefits of social media in ways I could never have imagined!

Competitions, blog giveaways … ways to win stuff online are ENDLESS! But, for the most part, you’ve got to be “in it to win it”! Here’s what I’ve managed to “win” or simply receive after tweeting about something, over the last couple of months:

Most recently, I’ve received a “spot-prize” of a gorgeous Built iPhone, Hedkandi headphones and a copy of the latest issue of Connect from the fabulous Girl Guides, just for “liking” their Facebook page! It’s one thing physically entering a competition and another entirely when you’re just announced as a spot-prize winner! I can safely say that receiving that Tweet made my day! Needless to say, I think you should ALL follow Girl Guides on Twitter and, if you like their Facebook page, you could win too … so what are you waiting for?

Huggies (via @samrobinson25, the PR Account Director for Huggies, Kleenex, Kotex & Carlton)Β  found out that I was pregnant with #themole and sent me the most amazing New Baby Hamper, chock-a-block with the teeny-tiny newborn nappies, two more packs of bigger sizes, some wet wipes and a gorgeous little Huggies bear!

*Kleenex also just found out, (thanks to Sam again) that I’ve been woman/mommy-down with a serious case of the snots (BRONCHITIS!), and want to send me a Pamper Hamper to help me get better. OBVIOUSLY I graciously accepted their offer and am looking forward to getting some help from their seriously soft tissues to get my red, raw nose back into shape. I’ve been blowing it with 1-ply all day and lets just say it ain’t pretty.

Through Living & Loving‘s SMS competitions, which they run each and every month in the new issue, I’ve bagged myself two Caboodle Diaper Bags (just realised that I won them right before I knew I was pregnant with #themole – how very serendipitous!) as well as an amazing waterproof (actually, underawater-proof for up to 3 meters!) Kodak Playsport Handcam, just for commenting on a Facebook post!

A couple of weeks ago, I captioned a picture on the awesome blog “Hurricane Vanessa” which is written by the editor of Cosmo SA, Vanessa Raphaely, and I was a runner-up with my caption – see it here. For that effort, I nabbed a bottle of Isey Miyake! SWEET!

Some time ago, whilst browsing all the perfectly quirky posts on Angie’s Lucky Pony blog, I won myself a voucher to buy an item of clothing from Stuff That’s Nice. It was a while ago and I can’t seem to find the Instagram/Hipstamatic pic of the gorgeous vintage skirt that I snapped up … so you’ll just have to take myword for it! Make sure you (a) pop into Angie’s amazing Wolves for some red velvet loveliness and (b) read her blog EVERY DAY as she also likes to give stuff away. She also likes to GET stuff, so don’t be shy!

Late last year I commented on one of Being Brazen‘s blog posts and also won some pretty jewellery by local designer Fable FairyI blogged about it here, so won’t do it again πŸ™‚

The moral of the story here? Like I said before, you’ve gotta be IN IT to WIN IT! So browse around – discover all the lovely local blogs and subscribe to them, comment on interesting posts … and YOU could be the recipient of some wonderful little prizes too!

While I’m harping on about competitions and fab prizes, get yourself over to the Toodoo website. You could win yourself 2 tickets to Cape Town or Durban, with Toodoo and the new low-cost airline, Velvet Sky just by registering on the Toodoo website and commenting on the competition post here. It’s THAT easy! DO IT! While you’re there, read the two reviews I’ve done for Toodoo here and here!

That’s all from me for now … I PROMISE I’m going to do a pregnancy update post soon … as soon as I’ve recovered from what can only be full-blown Man-Flu! πŸ™‚


17 thoughts on “It pays to tweet …

  1. So cool that you won such great stuff!
    * Disclaimer: I did not have anything to do with the Living and Loving wins. They were randomly drawn. Promise. Swear on everything.

  2. WOW how awesome. I stopped entering competitions – I never win.

    BUT I did buy a caboodle bag for baby πŸ™‚ Its so funky and doesnt look like a baby bag! AND A scent is the only perfume I have ever found that I love – D bought me a bottle for Christmas 2 years ago!

  3. So true, the benefits are endless. I have been on both Twitter and Facebook for a long time and recently started blogging. Social networking sites and blogs are very important for my business and personal life. Thanks for posting this.

  4. How can you win all that?? I enter stuff all the time and have never won anything!! Super jealous:( But very excited for you;)

  5. True story Nix. I just follow a FB page and won some stunning goodies from tranquil body treats just for sort of being in the right place at the right time πŸ™‚ i may start entering more goodies at some stage.. can’t let you win EVERYthing πŸ˜‰

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