Our Youth Day

While I am totally aware of the events to be remembered on Youth Day (previously known as Soweto Day), we also have our own version of “youth day” now that we have Luca.

We spent the whole morning together, doing things together as a family. From building a big Winnie the Pooh puzzle on the lounge floor, to singing through an entire episode of Barney & Friends, sharing buttered toast, honey mustard sausages and a strawberry fruit shake at Tasha’s in Rosebank, buying Mummy a new Sony lens at Kameraz, and finally ending off the morning’s events with 2 solid hours of Lego building after a shopping spree at Lilliputs. We plonked back down onto the lounge floor and built a house (technically a garage) for the cars to park inside, with windows through which Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the alien passed through more times than I can count. We named all the colours of the each of the Lego bricks, sniffed at the Lego flowers and flew the little red Lego plane all around the lounge. We had one more go at putting together the huge Winnie the Pooh puzzle before the eye-rubbing and yawning started and it was time for a nap.

What is it about having a child that brings out your inner child? I could have played with Luca’s Lego for at least another hour before realizing that it was so late into the afternoon. In fact, I’ll admit that I was sad when I noticed that Luca was ready for a nap and that it was time to pack it all away for a couple of hours.

Time flew while we were having fun – which all started at 6:46 this morning, with a snuggle from my warm little Monkey as I lifted him from his cot, until minutes ago when I put him back down … tired, loved and happy.

It’s days like this that you wish you could be young forever …

PS: I wrote a little review for Jozikids on Yeesh! Woodmead! Check it out here!









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