Little Miss Lucky Pony’s Present Project #2

The lovely Angie over at Lucky Pony, is a clever little thing. She comes up with rad ideas and this one … I LIKE! So I put my name down to be involved and I think you should too!

What you do is the following:

  • Comment, with your name and email address on this post over here.
  • Once you’re “signed up”, Angie will send you a name and an address of a person that you have to send one gift to, just one thing that you found that made you happy or smile or laugh or cry or throw a tantrum over, whatever you want basically. You can wrap it up, or just pop into an envelope with a little note and post it off.
  • You get a little prezzie in the post from a happy little person who also likes to receive prezzies … WIN-WIN? I think so!

Angie did this for the first time in March this year – have a read about the first Present Project here, with posts and pictures about the presents sent and received here and here. How cool? I’m in Angie!

In other AMAZEBALLS news, the Mini-Warbler is back! Yes he is! And this time he’s raising his glass to Pink! Love him!


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